LoL: We designed a new champion with AI and the result is an unstoppable beast

LoL: We designed a new champion with AI and the result is an unstoppable beast

There is very reasonable debate regarding its use. Artificial intelligence, but it cannot be denied that these technologies have become a fascinating tool. The apps are nearly endless, and even Riot Games will try to improve League of Legends using an AI that can automatically manage game chat. What we want to do is go one step further and say that machines are responsible for video game development, and more specifically, creation of new champions.

The ‘new champion’ of League of Legends created by Artificial Intelligence

As many readers know, among the vast repertoire of Artificial Intelligence tools there are also text generating tools. something we want to use create a “paper skills kit” that even developers use as a touchstone in the process of creating new champions. To do this, we went to an AI and asked what we wanted: “A new League of Legends champion is playing in Top Lane” and added “A new character is coming to Summoner’s Rift” as a subtitle. We tried several tools, but did not find an acceptable result until we used it. Copymatic artificial intelligence.

These were the instructions we gave the AI... - League of Legends
These were the instructions we gave the AI…

We find something quite interesting when introducing the selected criteria. First of all, the AI ​​hadn’t given us the champion’s abilities, but it did give us a great idea. Somehow, the AI ​​decided that our character would have it. abilities that can “manipulate gravity” this would allow it to “float and glide across the battlefield.” Additionally, it would have “a powerful ‘ejection’ that could knock down enemies.” After all, the funniest thing was the last message: “This champion is still in development and his final abilities are subject to change until release. But we are very excited about the new features it brings to the game!

Skills designed by Artificial Intelligence

After these texts, we were presented with confusing messages that made no sense. We stay on the positive side and set aside the weird message combination after learning that text and free AI still have a lot to improve (luckily if I don’t lose my job). However, you can force it and we offer new indications Instead of telling him to make a new character, we got more specific. We’re introducing “A new League of Legends champion with Gravity abilities” as instructions, and “New League of Legends top laner abilities” as a subtitle.

At this point we got a good result, or at least the best we could get. The program forgot to add a passive to our character (we needed to find it in a new search) and removed the ‘line’, but warned that the champion for this could change during development. Again, He explained to us what his four talents are.. Additionally, artificial intelligence itself has added its uses in a League of Legends game.

  • Q – Gravitational Field: Creates a gravitational field around the wearer that draws enemies towards it. It can be used for opening raids and for both defense and attack.
  • W – Gravitational Strike: Slams the ground creating a gravitational field that damages and knocks back enemies. It can be used to clear waves of minions or disrupt the enemy team.
  • E – Gravity Barrier: Creates a barrier in front of the champion that absorbs damage and slows enemies. It can be used to survive fights and assist allies.
  • R – Hypergravity: Increases the gravity around the wearer, damaging and slowing enemies. It can be used as a form of execution or to control the area in group fights.
  • Passive – Gravity Well: When attacking an enemy with a foundation, a gravity well forms around them. This pit drags nearby enemies, dealing damage over time. Also, the champion is healed for a percentage of the damage dealt.
This is the best skill icon we've ever had... - League of Legends
This is the best talent icon we’ve ever had…
... and this is the so-called 'jump art' of our new champion League of Legends
… and this is the so-called ‘jump art’ of our new champion

The truth is passive bullshit, and that makes some sense (without the context of previous abilities) as we know we have to look for it separately. As for the championship, there are some problems. The theme is simple, unnecessary skills and nothing particularly new. It’s an idea not in League of Legends.. It is also curious that he has given useful tools for everything. This character clears waves, has tons of crowd control and damage. The only thing missing would be some mobility. However, it might be one of the best Colossi in the video game.

Of course, AI cannot solve League of Legends’ big problems. However, yes We see some benefit in this when it comes to “brainstorming”.. All said and surprisingly, we found that the results were much better than when we tried to display them in text. Our main idea was to add an icon and even an image for all abilities as Splash Art, but we weren’t able to create anything that directly bears the slightest resemblance to the Riot style.

The results, on the whole, were not spectacular and it seems League of Legends developers still have work for the next few years. However, the good thing about AI technologies is that they’re designed to evolve over time, and who knows if repeating this experiment in a few years will give us a slightly more satisfying new champion.

It took only a week for the League of Legends community to create custom skins for the new jungle animals, and it’s what everyone has been waiting for. A user created skins for Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasur to join us in Summoner’s Rift.

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