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More and more users want to have a smart home, but the truth is that the devices that make this possible are not exactly cheap. Well, in this post, you have a collection of products that will help you build your smart home with HomeKit and offer huge discounts due to Black Friday.

Discounted HomeKit compatible gadgets

The range of options Apple users have for building their smart home is growing, and fortunately, there is a wide variety of brands and products fully committed to it. Also, keep in mind that with an upcoming update, Matter will now allow many more accessories that are not currently compatible with HomeKit. Now, here are a few supplements that are heavily discounted on Amazon so you can start incorporating different products and don’t have to fork out big bucks.

  • Eve Weather – Weather Station. One of the brands that offers the most HomeKit products, this Eve station is ideal for all users who want to control different air parameters in their home. With it you can control the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure – anything you really need.
  • EVE room – Air quality sensor. Another of the most frequently used accessories in a smart home is the air quality sensor and the Eve brand, which offers a really cheap and discounted option.
  • Meros floor heating thermostat. Being able to control the temperature inside your home is really a great comfort and the Meross brand thermostat, another main manufacturer of HomeKit products, provides you just that.
  • Eve Energy Strip – Smart Triple Power Strip. One of the first steps in creating a smart home is to be able to control different smart products through such multiple sockets or plugs. Well, you can manage up to 3 different devices with this Eve option. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform your home.
  • Meross Wi-Fi Smart Plug. We mentioned earlier that a power strip is ideal for controlling non-smart accessories, and plugs are a really quick shortcut and ideal for building a smart home.
  • Nanoleaf Essentials 3 LED Bulb. The LED bulbs not only let you play with the light and Siri, but also adapt to the different situations you want to program and configure with the Home app and automation.

Home Kit

  • Meros LED table lamp. This is a product that will surely be great, whether it’s on your nightstand or just on your desk. You can use it manually through the iPhone app, with Siri, or through the different buttons it has.
  • TP-Link Tapo L930-5 – WiFi LED Strips. Finally, it is clear that a quality LED strip should be included in this collection of HomeKit accessories. You can control it with just a voice command and of course customize both its intensity and color to your preferences.

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