Snow is already shining in Belagua

La nieve ya brilla en Belagua

In a few days they will reach the mountains. Roncal Valley winter settlers With the first snow, those who love skiing and other sports will once again hit the road. shepherds and shepherds they would allow him to enter the traditional ceremony with sticks. Larra-Belagua Nordic Ski Resort Ipar Old Gunea. It is the symbol of the race among professionals in the use of natural space, where the station starts the winter season that will last until May.

On a bright morning, but with a thin 3 cm white drape, director Julen Garjón, surrounded by professionals, the mayors of the area and representatives of the public company NICDO, introduced the station’s new look, a new logo. The season in which he turns 15. The new image will be accompanied by a revamp of the website and new features such as a night ski offer with stargazing, ski orientation tests or popular cross country ski hikes. These renovations meant Garjón “obedience to the need to have a refreshed, modern image that allows us to present attractively not only our activity during the winter, but also what we can improve for the rest of the year.” ”

The desire of the team, led by the young 29-year-old director, is above all the services it provides, cross-country skiing, hiking, competitions and cultural activities, photography competitions and competitions “to maintain the level and quality”. , the Spanish Cross Country Cup and the Vasco Navarro Championship, among others.

He said they will continue to do so in the new season, with the “dedication and effort” of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI-Spainsnow) that won them the 2022 National Snow Award. “with more sports participation. “An award that allows us to continue to develop, learn and create new projects”. He said that these projects will take place in the valley. And in this sense, like Nicolás Ederra of Isaba, one of his main supporters, he wanted skiing to be a touchstone in the valley. He emphasized that they will continue to work for people who want to.

Among the events on the calendar of sports events, he detailed the Spanish Cross-Country Ski Cup and the Vasco Navarro Championship (January 14 and 15), the Roncal Valley White Triathlon (January 22) and the Larra Belagua Snow Running Spanish Cup (January 28). .

In addition, from January 9 to April 21, the Larra-Belagua slopes will host the 39th Cross Country Ski School Campaign, which will welcome approximately 4,050 students from the Community.

The Larra-Belagua slopes are distributed on El Ferial (different levels), La Contienda (medium high level), and marked slopes at La Mata de Haya and Rincón de Belagua. This season Mata de Haya has gained almost 5km. In total, the resort has 36 skiable km.

Now it remains to wait for the arrival of the snow. Shepherds and ranchers said, “Let’s see how the season goes for them!” They came from a dry summer before transhumance due to the lack of water and pasture in the mountains. They blamed the price of grain, the crisis, the lack of relief…but they were willing to “move forward together.”

In the El Ferial ceremony, oversight of the valley’s communal mountains passed to skiers and observers in the hands of shepherds: Luis Alberto Garde, Fernando Pilart, Pedro Jesús Baines, Juan Carlos Urzainqui, Alba Rípodas, Pedro Luis Amigot, Tomás Pasquel, José Libarle, Julián Gabáer, and Joschandié Yolanda Mendive representing the snow event. They took the baton: Javier Ederra, Aranea Sanz, María Ángeles Ezker, Gema Garro, José Ramón Azanza, Acher Bescós, Iker Garde, Laura Juampérez, Iratxe Garro, Ana Lusarreta and Txus Bescos. “We are all Mountains,” said Garjón, not forgetting the entire staff team that made the center’s operation possible.

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