“We have a society that turns its back on school” | News Network

"We have a society that turns its back on school" |  News Network

Violence in Río Negro schools is already a major concern, and yesterday Escuela Secundia No. A protest was held at 4, demanding security both inside and outside the institution. In recent days, there have been threats by a group from another school and fights outside the training center in the Don Bosco neighborhood.

Speaking to Different Days on Radio Noticias, Luis Rosas, the director of the institution, said: “I have been working in the education environment for 27 years, I am a history teacher, and there is no doubt that violence in schools is common. But there is a strong approach in the education community, especially in School 4, and children stand in front of the authorities. , they demanded that we cut classes, and that didn’t happen because we believe a series of lies were fabricated by responsible adults, in this case families”.

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In this sense, he explained: “They said that there are situations of violence that have never been studied or dealt with at school, and that this is not the case, and that all problems that arise within the institution are always worked on. What happened, violence was committed by students from another educational institution, they filed the necessary complaints. “We’ve already done it, and schools cannot be militarized,” he said.

“Most of the boys who go to secondary schools are underage, but what about the families? Where are the families? I’m also the father of three boys, they already went to secondary school and have never been to school. Since sharp weapons or firearms did not go to school, someone is there as a parent,” he explained. .

Rosas denied being shot at as initially stated, but acknowledged that there was a constant atmosphere of violence.

Emphasizing that the school officials are tied, he said, “We have a problem that is too deep for teachers to solve here, we need to solve this problem socially, just as there is a commission working on social violence. If we call and they don’t come, how can we contribute to the solution of the problem? I can’t look at the children’s backpacks, I can’t deliver them.

“The situation of violence appears to us and I am not a criminal expert, the cutting elements are removed, families are sought and worked with, we think the work has been done up to that point, but then there are other problems that we cannot solve,” he explained.

In this regard, the middle school 4 principal drew attention to the following: “We have a society that turns its back on school, we feel that you are not with us in many social issues. When school produces good things, you always see what doesn’t work”.

“When you call families, it’s always the same fathers and mothers, sometimes the ones with the least conflict,” he said.

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