what is it, why does it occur and how to fix it?

what is it, why does it occur and how to fix it?

In Western countries, one out of every three people is currently myopic. Think about it, a number that needs to be taken into account, what else could happen to one out of three people?… It’s an incredibly high number, but it’s true.


Dr. Salvador Garcia-Delpech

  • Medical Assistant Director Aiken Clinic
    Aiken Foundation. Valencia

In 2016, an article was published in the famous magazine. scientific journal Ophthalmologythat they made progress over the next few years… You wouldn’t believe it but It is estimated that 50% of the population will be myopic by 2050, one out of every 2 people! actually there are places like Seoul right now where 96% of young people are nearsighted, it’s a Global Pandemic.

What is myopia?

But let’s go slowly, what is myopia? a problem where light is focused in front of the retinabecause most of the time “bigger” than the eye can touchhowever, it can sometimes be due to a greater curvature of the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye.

When the light is focused forward from where it should be, everything looks blurry, especially far things and the nearsighted patient cannot see far. Up close, by bringing things closer than usual, you may be able to direct that image to the right place so you can see it, but there’s no way you can do that from afar.

Use of glasses or contact lenses

You should wash your glasses very often with warm water and antibacterial soap.  Your face secretes oil that builds up and smells very bad.  Once it has accumulated, you will only be able to remove it that way.  Same thing with the cloth you clean the glasses with.
Glasses and book.

Therefore, to focus images on the retina, myopic patient has to wear glasses or contact lenses so that he can lead a normal life. This myopia will gradually increase until it generally stabilizes between the ages of 18-25. After stabilization, in most cases, it can be operated with laser or intraocular lenses, depending on the situation, so you can do it without getting sick. addiction to these glasses or contact lenses.

Unfortunately this would imply a lot more, as most of the cases we have interpreted are due to the eye being “longer” than normal, the nearsighted eye is more likely to have “flying” (these spots). sometimes we see it moving because the gel there makes it look like “lumps” inside the eye), increased eyestrain, retinal tears that can cause retinal detachments (this will form part of another article on ophthalmology), cataracts, macular lesions,…

In other words, as you can imagine, the subject is important enough to investigate the causes of myopia and bring this epidemic under control to some extent. There are many studies on this subject, and although many are not finalized, we can highlight some clear ideas.

myopia factors

File view of a child's optical examination.
File view of a child’s optical examination.

1) a specific genetic Component, Children will tend to be nearsighted.

2) One of the most obvious factors, being closed and dimly lit, In fact, in some parts of Asia, children are considering making the walls of their classrooms translucent.

3) If the other constantly focusing on, without blurring. It is recommended that you take a break and follow the American 20/20/20 rule, focusing your gaze closely every 20 minutes, spending 20 seconds looking at 20 feet (i.e. looking from afar).

4) a good diet is also important.

5) Sleeping more will prevent from this problem

go to the eye doctor

It’s an important topic in any case and different if we’re talking about more or less than 6 myopia, in both cases we’re dealing with a disease, so once again the most important thing is to see an ophthalmologist, who will not only recommend the best method to help the nearsighted patient see, but also in time will examine retina, macula, ocular tension, lens is fineif this is not the case, he or she will be able to treat them and even suggest available methods to reduce the progression of myopia if appropriate.

How to reduce myopia progression

Yes, that’s the good news, there are ways to reduce the progression of myopia, especially in children. Of course, the measures we interpret outdoor activities, visual breaks, etc.however, there are other possibilities that your eye doctor can tell you if they are suitable for your situation.

The one that gave the best result use of atropine drops in very low concentrationbut it can be combined with some special contact lenses or with very special lenses currently appearing to be a good option, in most cases the goal is to create different foci on various parts of the retina so that the eye grows less.

Let’s be clear, we will not be able to eliminate myopia with all these systems.only leftover operation When myopia stabilizes, we can only reduce its progression so that eventually the patient’s diopters are less and the truth is, as we said in Valencia, all can be well. “tota pedra fa paret” (each stone forms a wall) and so we arrive at the stony conclusions. Of course, always, under the prescription and control of an ophthalmologist.

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