Which charger for iPhone or Android to buy?

Which charger for iPhone or Android to buy?

Don’t worry, choose the perfect plug easier than it looks for your smartphone. If we want a wired or wireless charger, just look at the charging power supported by our device and the budget we have.

To make the process much easier, we have selected the best power adapters for you that you can use to top up your devices battery without spending a lot of money.

Importance of original chargers

Each brand usually works with its own charging technology, it will only work as long as the smartphone and device of the same company. Thus, for example, with the 80 W OPPO SuperVOOC, you will be able to charge the brand’s phones compatible with this power at this speed. However, when using third party charger if you buy from another brand, you will be blocked in the process and you will not get the maximum charging power your device can handle, so it will charge more slowly.

samsung logo and charger

Luckily, some chargers from these manufacturers are already compatible with most technologies on the market, such as the most common USB PD 3. However, in any case, power will suffer if power is not used. proper power supply and correct cable.

To this we must add that all power adapters developed by manufacturers have passed numerous safety and stability tests that allow them to be used thousands of times without any problems or risks for the user, this cannot be said for some electronic devices. endangering the integrity of our smartphones and the charging environment.

Of course, original chargers tend to be more expensive more of the options we leave you below.

What power should it have?

For choose the right equipment for your smartphone, the first thing you need to know is the maximum charging power it can handle to buy the right model. Otherwise, getting the wrong adapter could be bad for your battery or you could end up spending more money unnecessarily.

In any case, modern systems mean that the power supply is adjusted as the phone allows to maintain the health of the battery, even if the charger is at higher power than the smartphone supports.

Maximum load on Android

Today, technologies allow us charge the phone from 18 W, on simpler Android models, up to 150W We find it on some phones like the Realme GT Neo 3. So the best thing you can do is check the device’s box or our technical sheets to check the maximum power compatible with the equipment.

Fast charging

All power adapter manufacturers specify charging power, but as a reminder, to calculate this you need to multiply current by voltage, i.e. the number that appears before the ‘A’ symbol by the number before ‘V’.

If you wish, you can also use an application like this. Ampereis responsible for displaying all information about the device’s battery, including its power supply. Download from the link we left below these lines, install it on your smartphone and refer to all the information you need.


Maximum charge on iPhone

When it comes to Apple smartphones, everything is much simpler. No smartphone of the brand charges over 27 WIt doesn’t matter if you use a 33, 65 or 125 W adapter.

iPhone X wireless charging

As long as we use a power adapter that exceeds 25 W, there is no need to spend more, as the charging speeds will be the same.

The best cable chargers

this wired adapters Since they can be stations that can charge the batteries of several devices at the same time, they are the stations that accept the highest power and charging speed at the same time, offering better prices and opportunities.

for Android

There is an endless universe of power adapters for smartphones from Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung, Motorola, Sony… Almost all manufacturers have their own options on the market, but in our opinion these are the best ones you should try.

mobile chargers

  • JOOMFEEN 18W charger: This adapter has a USB 3.0 port and offers 18W of output power to charge any device in just one hour. It is one of the simplest and safest chargers you can find in stores, as it has a safety system that tries to prevent overheating, regulates the temperature autonomously, and ensures that the equipment is not exposed to possible short circuits. Price 14 euros.
  • Belkin 30W charger: Wall accessory perfectly shaped to hide behind furniture, sofas or beds. With this power, you can charge compatible devices up to half the battery in as little as 20 minutes. It also features Power Delivery 3.0 technology for safe and powerful charging. Its price is about 22 Euros.
  • 65W USB C Charging Station: A complete charging base that allows you to connect up to 2 devices with USB Type C and two other ordinary USB cables. This speed allows you to charge compatible smartphones in 30 minutes and has a compact design to make it easier to carry. Price 60 euros.
  • 100W BASESUS charger: Products offered by the same manufacturer of the previous charging station for 50 euros Complying with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 standard, this 100 W charger offers a stable and fast charge without being exposed to problems caused by high temperatures, thanks to its energy management system. It is also a very small and light charger.
  • 150W charging base: While only a few smartphones can be charged at this speed for now, the most logical thing is that by 2023 the best-in-class big phone on the market has already surpassed this power. If you are looking for the fastest on the market, you have this base that can charge 4 devices simultaneously with USB and USB Type C inputs. The device will automatically and intelligently identify the smartphones or other devices connected to provide it. more energy efficient. The price is 80 euros.

for iphone

As we said, No need to spend money on ultra-powerful chargers for your iPhoneAs it won’t load as fast as its Android counterparts. In this case, we recommend using the brand’s original charger or a much cheaper Belkin option.

iphone charger

  • Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter: Although it is a recommended adapter for the company’s laptops, you can also use it to charge any brand phone compatible with the fast charging system at maximum power, starting from iPhone 8. Current price is 45 euros.
  • Belkin BoostCharge 25W: This plugin is quite compact and will give you maximum power for your iPhone. It supports the USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 standard, dynamically delivering the best possible voltage and power, providing optimized power for all Fast Charge-enabled Apple devices. Its current price is around 35 euros..

best wireless chargers

Why waste time everywhere looking for a power cord with adapter when you can put your phone away? wireless charging pad? Whether you own one of many Android phones or work with an Apple smartphone, these are best wireless chargers for your mobile phone

Wireless charger for mobile phones

Note that they all work well with any phone that supports wireless charging via the Qi standard, and best of all, some don’t cost much more than a wired charger. Unlike previous chargers, no need to connect to a smartphone adapterIt applies to smartphones with the Google operating system, as well as to iOS.

  • OPPO AIRVOOC 50W: This is one of the best wireless chargers you can leave on your workspace or nightstand to charge your smartphone in less than an hour. Despite being signed by OPPO, it is perfectly compatible with all smartphones that support this type of technology. Of course, its price is not cheap, and despite this now it costs 80 eurosIt usually costs around 100.
  • Belkin 10 / 15 W Wireless Charger: What could be better than a wireless charger? Simple, two wireless chargers. Almost all of us nowadays carry two devices with us, one for personal and the other for work. If this is your situation, or if you share your workspace or home with someone, and you both have smartphones that comply with the Qi standard, it will be much more comfortable to use this current 10 or 15 W wireless charging system. For Android or iPhone devices. Add voltage regulation and battery protection and have peace of mind while charging your device. Moreover, the price is only 40 euros.
  • 2 Pack 15W Wireless Charger: If you are looking for the cheapest option, for 18 euros This dual charger, which is valid for iOS as well as Android, can be used independently of each other. It reaches a maximum charging power of 15W and is made of high-quality materials. It is one of the highest rated wireless power adapters in all of Amazon.
  • 10W Local Troop Drop: Not the cheapest, but one of the most elegant. This charger for iPhone and mobile phones that support the Qi standard has a fabric-imitating texture and can be purchased in different colors. It is non-slip and does not clash with the rest of your home decoration. Its current price is around 50 euros.depending on the model chosen.

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