Why might the future of electric batteries depend on crustacean shells?

Why might the future of electric batteries depend on crustacean shells?

Why crustaceans hold the key to the electric car’s future The key lies in the shell.

Why might the future of electric batteries depend on crustacean shells?

Electric batteries have become a cornerstone in the automotive industry. For years, the battery car has become a proven alternative that can replace traditional internal combustion technologies. Yet various problems with the characteristics of batteries. The absence of standards of autonomy and, of course, accelerated deterioration in some cases means that this has not yet been accepted by the public.

Now, what if I told you that the key to the electric car might be in the crustaceans? new study A study recently published on the Mattel portal has made significant progress when it comes to investigating the properties of the shells of many crustaceans. Another component that acts as a shield, have a great future in the mobility market Therefore, investigations are expected to continue in the coming months. It is a technology that bases its differentiation on the presence of kit.

thanks to the use of the kit found in large quantities in the shells It is possible to obtain batteries from many crustaceans that are much more resistant to the passage of time and of a quality level above current standards. So, let’s see what are the elements that make this organic material have a great future in the automotive industry. After all, we are currently dealing with discarded products due to lack of use.

Crustaceans could set pace of innovation around electric car

Manufacturers and companies outside the mobility industry are working hard to find the ‘Holy Grail’. Why could the electric car of the future be specifically linked to the use of conch shells? The use of the kit has been shown to be different in electric batteries. In fact, it was made possible, thanks to its inclusion in the equation. Providing efficiency close to 99% As for the degradation of clusters.

Why might the future of electric batteries depend on crustacean shells?

The shell of crustaceans can be used to create electric batteries. Picture: National Geographic

Actually, Reach this figure after 1,000 tries It shows why we’re going one step further in terms of mobility. Nowadays, The electric car has a number of advantages compared to conventional internal combustion technologies. Still, not even Tesla managed to maintain such a high mileage do it over time. Thanks to the presence of the kit, this type of battery made it possible to maintain such a volume of capacity after a thousand cycles.

Undoubtedly, we are faced with the future use of a component that we currently reject. After all, the usefulness of the shell of crabs and other crustaceans is not very useful after the death of the animal. This new technology could pave the way for such new solutions. achieve higher levels of autonomy and minor distortions in sets.

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