A patient who intervened in the PAC without a doctor in a rural area of ​​Madrid dies

A patient who intervened in the PAC without a doctor in a rural area of ​​Madrid dies

27.11.2022 21:45


The group of doctors underlines that the public is “confused” because they do not know whether emergency centers are open.

A 48-year-old patient died then this saturday at home intervention of a team without a doctor Continuous Point of Attention (PAC) Arganda del ReyA Summa 112 Advanced Life Support unit in Madrid and according to the Rural Care Services Platform (SAR).

Sources from the Community of Madrid told EFE this Sunday that the incident had “nothing to do with the lack of doctors”. They stated that a neighbor went to the Permanent Care Point to report that he had fainted at home.

According to the District Office, there were two nurses and two janitors at the center, and a nurse and a janitor immediately went to take care of the patient.

When they got home, they determined the stop, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers started (CPR) alerted Police who came in with the defibrillator, discharges began and within five minutes a Summa 112 team arrived, performing extended forward CPR, were unable to reverse the stop, they stated. From the Community of Madrid.

The SAR Platform explains in a statement that one person went to the Arganda del Rey PAC this Saturday to seek emergency help for an unconscious young adult in a very close home.

in PAC, Two nurses and two guards were on duty.A nurse and a janitor were immediately joined.

Defibrillator cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers began at the house where the Local Police also went, and a few minutes later the Summa 112 Advanced Support unit arrived and continued with forward resuscitation maneuvers for approximately sixty minutes. Maneuvers were interrupted because his pulse did not improve, and the patient’s death was confirmed.

The SAR Platform states in a note “correct functioning of the emergency team” although family reported that this patient has been unwell for days, and there was no doctor in Arganda’s PAC on days 21, 22 and 24, so that person received medical attention in the days before Saturday. They wonder what would have happened.

Madrid emergency plan

According to the platform, since the regional government launched its out-of-hospital emergency plan on October 27, Population “confused” because they do not know whether the emergency room is closed or open and whether they will have the necessary health equipment for proper health care.

“The lives of our patients are being played with as we try to provide the best possible care, which means not only health care in an emergency, but also emotional support for family members and friends,” the group emphasizes.

For the platform, the current out-of-hospital emergency plan is imposed “without consideration of the needs of the public or the real possibilities of healthcare professionals to provide adequate coverage for them. not fully equippedcreates a “lack of equality” in “access” to “quality health care”.

IU Madrid regretted “this terrible event”demanded an immediate investigation into the events and emphasized that if this person had gone to the emergency room and had been treated by a full medical team, perhaps there would have been no need to mourn today.

Vanessa Lillo, deputy IU and spokesperson for the United Podemos Health Commission, explained that “the consequences of the disastrous management of out-of-hospital emergencies initiated by the PP are seen in such incidents”. “playing with our own lives, violating our right to quality healthcare”.

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