AEMPS estimates that the supply of pediatric amoxicillin will be restored “in the coming days”.

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Health assures that technical issues have been resolved in the two laboratories that presented them and that the series has already been released. Yes, he warns, production problems coincide with an increase in respiratory infections that could delay supply.

Euskaraz irakurri: I hope Amoxizil from pediatricoaren hornidura “datozen egunetan” berrezartzea AEMPS-ek

Problems in the supply of antibiotics pediatric amoxicillin they produced famine Recently, it has been causing concern for health personnel, patients and their families in pharmacies. This Sunday, the Spanish Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (AEMPS), reported that he expects the situation to return to normal “in the coming days”, but supply problems coincided with increased incidence respiratory infections, which in some pharmacies can delay the normalization of supply, and therefore demand.

The issue arose two weeks ago when two of the Spanish labs with the largest market share for this drug, Sandoz and Normon, reported manufacturing problems (problems with the labeling line and delays in the supply of brochures, respectively). delay in the supply of the product to pharmacies.

According to AEMPS, these technical problems have been resolved in both laboratories and they are already constantly feeding the drug channel. In addition, other laboratories marketing these presentations were asked to increase their production in order to meet the need as soon as possible.

The situation was such that the Spanish Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (AEMPS) published a series of recommendations for pharmacies on 18 November, guaranteeing treatment to all patients. In addition, it made possible the procedure for pharmacy professionals to substitute one presentation for another, if necessary, respecting the dose prescribed by the medical professional in each case.

Antibiotics do not fight viruses

AEMPS, like other antibiotics, also contains amoxicillin. only effective in bacterial infections Y Under no circumstances should be used for viral infections because “besides being useless, they promote the emergence of antimicrobial resistance”.

It can be made with a prescription both in hospitals and health centers, rapid diagnostic tests For upper respiratory tract infections to determine whether they are viral or bacterial in nature and that health professionals can provide the most appropriate treatment in each situation.

This situation of amoxicillin supply problems has arisen for similar reasons in different European countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, France or Norway. Competent authorities in each Member State and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) work in coordination to identify corrective measures to minimize the impact and prevent these situations in the future.

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