“Always love yourself more than anything”

"Always love yourself more than anything"

@modajustcoco. Verónica Diaz is behind this obscene name, which is a tribute to Coco Chanel. this influencers With over 754,000 followers on Instagram, the stylish and stylish has become a reference in our panorama.

Autumn, Strengthened its relationship with fashion by creating CRVSHa firm that conveys its essence: a happy, optimistic and positive woman who is made to fall in love, with a recognized taste in fashion, family and self-love.

[Verónica Díaz, la influencer malagueña que arrasa en Instagram, lanza Crvsh, su marca de moda]

Contains trending products with the most popular colors and materials, self-designed bags and accessories, 100% made in Spain with quality materials, and this season, a careful selection of 24K gold-plated costume jewelery with Swarovski crystals; their commonality remains Cvore, the heart that has become the hallmark of the brand. We talked to him about his new project and his daily life.

Where does the name “@modajustcoco” come from?

It’s from Coco Chanel. His outlook on life and his struggle for his dreams have always inspired me a lot.

How did you enter the fashion world?

It happened slowly. I started doing the things I love as a hobby and over time it became my job.

What do you think should be good? influencers in 2022?

Above all, being natural and loyal to yourself.

Is follower count something that worries you?

Not possible. Today you have X, and tomorrow Instagram took 20K from you and gave it back to us, as has happened to all of us lately. What interests me most is my community, interacting with them, making them feel like I’m really there and there. feedback.

Veronica Diaz

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How do you manage to balance your life and work as a mother?

I haven’t found the perfect formula yet, so I guess I survive by juggling (laughs). But one thing that has helped me a lot is that I choose most of the events I go to, the collaborations I do…

Do you think reconciliation is an issue that affects women more?

Of course.

How is your day going?

I try to make the most of the children’s school days by studying and then getting the most out of them. They are the most important thing I have in my life. I love my job, but above all, my family is for me.

How would you describe your CRVSH company?

With a quality brand, special design and a very clear message: Always, above all love yourself.

Which women are you targeting?

It appeals to all women, adolescents and adults who want to have a durable, quality product with a special design that will add a special touch to their appearance.

Which clothing line or accessory would you like to apply?

Over time we want to put clothes for the whole family. Defend love against yourself.

Is it part of your personal experience?

Of course! My soul is in CRVSH and everything that has meaning.

do you think he body positive Is it fully installed?

I follow colleagues like my friend Marina Llorca who have done a lot to help with this and I know progress has been made from her, but there is much more to be done.

[Marina Llorca y el ‘body positive’: “El objetivo es que todas podamos llevar el vestido sea talla 34 o 52”]

It also advocates for the craft business. How is each brand product designed and developed?

As a team, we define and design products. We then talk to our suppliers to see if the material issue is viable, meets the quality requirements we demand… and then they send us a prototype of the same. We start making changes if necessary and testing in the smallest detail to guarantee our maximum quality. You have collaborated with Clinique and Nestlé…

Do you have other collaborations in mind?

Of course yes!! There are still a lot of CRVSH left and I think you will be very surprised by what is coming.


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