Artificial intelligence descends on Navarran hits

La inteligencia artificial aterriza en las ikastolas navarras

this artificial intelligence descended to fifteen centers forming Navarre Ikastolas Federation. Thanks to an innovative project, students Elementary School, ESO and Baccalaureate 5th and 6th. You will learn computer programming and computational thinking, technical knowledge that is increasingly in demand by society. These teachings will be associated with ethical education that enables students to understand the social impacts and risks of technologies so that they can use technologies safely, reliably and responsibly.

Toolbox Academy First Name platform tool It is designed to enable ikastolas students to learn programming. “To do this, they will use interactive tasks where the programming language comes into play to develop computational thinking,” he explains. Navarre Ikastolas Federation, Josu Reparaz. This platform has more than 800 tasks working on both the basic course and computational concepts. Toy Script What java script.

This project in the program innovative socialpromoted by Caja Navarra Foundation Y la Caixa Foundationseeks to respond to a key area that has not been adequately addressed in formal curricula in the 21st century. “It’s about students developing fundamental, transversal and future skills in programming to approach artificial intelligence. Increasingly demanded by society with the development of social responsibility, this know-how can respond to new challenges and future prospects”, explains Repraz.

Artificial intelligence goes downhill handed over

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence, computing is interrupted towards more complex problems than those usually studied in this field of knowledge. One of the most ambitious challenges facing science. “Obviously, this training program does not aim or expect to achieve such an ambitious goal, but it raises awareness and educates students in this area, which is very much in our environment with computer-powered machines. automate and modify some basic human functions: see and hear, answer questions, learn, draw conclusions or solve problems”, explains the director of the Navarre Ikastolas Federation.

It is a technology-based project designed for literacy in computer technology through an online platform based on a set of activities and challenges that students must try to solve.

“With computational thinking, students learn through computational, critical thinking, and lateral thinking (creativity) skills to model and confront increasingly complex problems of an increasingly complex nature, such as decomposing a problem, planning actions, processing large volumes, creating algorithms and generalizing them, or problems across different disciplines. solve it algorithmically,” Reparaz summarizes.


as director Navarre Ikastolas Federation, human resources professionals affirm the importance of learning computer-related skills in both the immediate and future employability of the emerging generations in the school environment. This is a “strong” reason for the Federation to welcome this project with great dedication and enthusiasm, says Repraz.

And, he says, “one of the most pressing issues is the worrying view that our society’s work environment does not have people among us who can meet the demand for employment that these skills demand.” And increasing the employability of ikastolas students is “a task we undertake with great responsibility,” he says.

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