Chiclana Business Association appreciates City Council’s “will to solve problems”

Un momento de la reunión

The organization’s president, Antonio Junquera, met with the mayor to discuss issues such as the City Council’s inclusion in the Board-promoted Industrial Cities Network, improvements in mobility, town planning, or the new and expanded cleanup contract. According to Román, “We work hand in hand to improve our competitiveness”.

Headed by its president, Antonio Junquera, the Businessmen’s Association of Chiclana met with the mayor, José María Román, and councilors responsible for Urban Planning, Development and Construction to review the different municipal initiatives involved, as well as their latest requests. local business community.

“It can be summed up in the interests to improve our competitiveness and ultimately our competitiveness,” said the PSOE mayor after the meeting, adding that “we are proud of everything we have achieved in the tourism sector, but Chiclana is also the city of commerce and hospitality and of course industry”. He argues that as we are aware of the very important weight of the metal sector,” the City Council will request to join the Network of Industrial Cities supported by the Junta de Andalucía.

In terms of mobility, the mayor said, “All the work we have undertaken throughout the city will continue with other measures to improve access to the city and the beach area, the essential elements for the economy will not lose the pace it has.” and it continues to grow”. “There is a particular concern with the Los Barrancos highway, so for added safety on this long road, we will depart from Obras at a roundabout at the intersection of Delicias Street and Los Barrancos highway,” Roman said. . Of course, it once again required the cooperation of the Board “for this project of widening this road connecting the five industrial zones to become a reality and for us to achieve the long-awaited Eastern Tour”.

“As the City Council, we have an important investment capacity to increase the competitiveness of the city”

Likewise, Consistory says Nacional 340 is working on its junction with the La Loma del Puerco highway, “currently in the tendering stage”. The bus between La Loma and Sancti Petri will be maintained, as well as the shuttle bus for workers in the beach area. “We look forward to seeing if they can provide us with assistance for a Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan to continue improving infrastructure and mobility,” he added.

On the other hand, as reported in the note sent to DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz, the next street cleaning contract was discussed at the meeting where “we have increased the current contract by 70% and therefore we will ensure that all Chiclana is cleaned daily”. and with mobile patrols where collision plans are required. José María Román said, “Cleanliness is one of the elements that may or may not make the city feel good,” said José María Román. “In the same vein, we are working on the beautification of Calle Ancha. We have also received an award for the center that we will bring to life after the holiday, and we will also be on the Fuente Amarga highway. We will act,” he said.

“We have good prospects for the coming months, as we have significant investment capacity to increase the city’s competitiveness,” the first socialist mayor insisted.

The head of the Association of Entrepreneurs gives local government “mobility, access to the city, education, waste and their treatment, urban planning or the unregulated economy”. As a matter of fact, Junquera emphasized “transparency and the will to solve problems”.

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