Governments, politicians and members of civil society are reacting after the agreement between the government and the opposition in Mexico.

Governments, politicians and members of civil society are reacting after the agreement between the government and the opposition in Mexico.

Representatives on 26 November Government and opposition meeting sign deal in Mexico This allows for the release of funds blocked from Venezuela abroad to provide social protection to Venezuelans.

This money will be given to one person. Social Protection Fund Follow-up and follow-up for Venezuelans to be handled in accordance with the international procedures of the United Nations Organization (UN). approval A team of experts examines the document signed by both parties and read by a representative of the Kingdom of Norway.

Given the agreement, governments, politicians and members of civil society reacted through the social network Twitter.

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Secretary Marcelo Ebrad Mexican Foreign Relationscongratulated the parties for reaching a partial agreement.

“The dialogue on Venezuela has been restarted and signed The Second Agreement between the government of that sister country and its opposition. Being appreciated by the participants is a victory of politics and merit. Mexico is your home. Congratulations! Good news for the people of Venezuela,” he wrote.

The Norwegian embassy in Mexico also celebrated the resumption of the dialogue process between representatives of the Maduro government and the Venezuelan opposition.

Norway welcomes the resumption of the process. dialogue The #Venezuela negotiation and the social agreement between the Bolivarian Government of the Venezuelan Republic and the Venezuelan Unitary Platform,” they said. Chirp.

Governments, in a statement, CanadaThe US, UK and European Union High Representatives for Foreign Affairs welcomed the agreement signed by both parties in Mexico this Saturday.

salute The decision to restart the dialogue process in Mexico City was announced today by Venezuelan negotiators. We urge all parties to abide in good faith to a comprehensive agreement that leads to free and fair elections in 2024, the restoration of democratic institutions and the end of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. release.

The monarch Nicolás Maduro said, greeting Peace dialogue between the government and the opposition painting.

“I greet the Peace Dialogue Table between the Legitimate Government of Venezuela and the Unitary Platform of one of the dissidents. The commitment will always be dialogue We continue to take important steps for the welfare of our country with the entire Venezuelan society and today, November 26.”

Henrique Capriles, leader rival He assured that anything that means an opportunity for Venezuelans to live better will always be a reason for meeting.

“The desire of the majority conditions restoring life and democracy,” the politician said after signing the agreement.

“The role of all Venezuelans convinced of the urgent need for change is to monitor the agreement and demand that it be respected. “This meeting is an opportunity to demand respect for human rights in the path of rebuilding democracy and rebuilding the hope of our homeland,” he said.

From Veppex, they find the partial agreement between the government and the opposition in Mexico unacceptable: “The Unitary Platform does not represent the interests of Venezuelans and is betraying the cause of freedom with its actions,” they said via a video posted on social networks. .

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