How does the clock change affect our pets?

How does the clock change affect our pets?

dog and cat
Pets, especially dogs and cats, also suffer from clock changes.

like all last Sunday of Octoberwe made the change yesterday winter time. Of the two changes we make every year, this is the most hated because dark ahead afternoon and leaves its place to a few months night hours exceed day hours.

For several years now, controversy has arisen about the appropriateness of these changes. the disorder they cause us. The headlines in the media are always the same: population does not want time changes. Some political movements thought that this practice would end, but the truth is that it has just come to a standstill.

it has been proven that Time changes affect people in various ways, such as increased fatigue, difficulty falling asleep. we are more nervous, it costs us more effort to do both physical and mental exercises… so, all these symptoms that usually produce jet lagged. If this happens to us, how will it affect our pets?

Effect on dogs and cats

Cats and especially dogs They also suffer from time change. After that, they have to adapt to our periods, which will take place an hour later. This is not just for the daily walk, but for lunch, on the way home after work, at bedtime, etc. It is possible.

Our companion animals’ biological clocks are much more sensitive than ours: they are more dependent on sunlight.

Pets have a much more precise biological clock than ours. We can adapt to the new routines that we demand of ourselves with some difficulty, but they cannot adapt. They are much more connected than us. sunlight Y they are more vulnerable anything that changes them. And changing all the routines one hour apart from one day to the next affects them more than we do.

Pets are also exposed to various ailments due to the time change we make, just like humans.

And how does it affect them? Believe it or not, just like us. It will be harder for them to sleep, but they will also be more tired and more irritable. Some even feel disoriented and very anxious. Those of us who own or have dogs and cats have experienced this. How can we help? Pamper them a little more to give them more attention and put them at ease. After all, they want to spend time with us and not feel alone.

When will there be the last change?

Returning to the discussion of always change, we remember: no signed law yet talking about suppression even though it’s an offer. Nothing has changed in the short term, and it doesn’t seem to change. Actually, just like Wrote our partner Natacha Paya, The BOE has already published the dates for the time changes until 2026.

Very different from what happened in Mexico. The country suppressed the clock changes, claiming the small savings it required and the huge impact on health. of its citizens. Given the latitude the country is located at, the time change doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of sunrise and sunset times, very different from what it would be in Spain.

In Europe agreement must be between all countries. It wouldn’t make sense for one person to do it and it would cause multiple headaches. WhatWhen Should we stay in Spain if the time change disappears? Even if we don’t like closer to the winter sun time.

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