Illegal pet cemetery ruins life in a neighborhood in Maipú » La Voz de Maipú

Illegal pet cemetery ruins life in a neighborhood in Maipú » La Voz de Maipú

The neighbors of the Lumen sector in the Maipú commune are uncomfortable and frustrating, as the neighborhood is occupied by animal burials. It is an “illegal pet cemetery” located in Primo de Rivera with Domingo Colón.

Flies, foul odor and fear are what those who dare to report say they feel. And he’s afraid to do so because although there are a few people outside the neighborhood who bury their pets, some residents have also decided to use the earthen cloth as a burial ground.

Affected and affected want to put an end to the situation and somewhat recover the quality of life that the corpses of deceased pets have by chance.

A neighbor said, “You can’t open the window because those huge houseflies come in… It used to be beautiful, you used to go in the afternoon, but you can’t open it anymore because it’s full of crosses.”

Heatwave in illegal pet cemetery: ‘An unbearable smell’

Illegal Pet Cemetery in Maipú
This is what the illegal pet cemetery in Maipú looks like

Temperatures begin to rise, and with them the odors from the illegal pet cemetery. “They come almost every day to bury the dogs. Then, with heat, the odor will not be tolerated because dogs do not bury them too deeply, I think it should be less than 20 centimeters,” says one impressed.

The problem is huge, because the situation – in the end – falls into legal loopholes for which no one is responsible.

“There is no authority to oversee these situations”

Voice of Maipu Contacting #ElDiarioQueHaceLaPega Health Ceremony “Unfortunately, there is no authority that oversees such things. As Seremi, we could see this place as an illegal dump. But If the site is a municipality, the summary is made to the municipality. Regulations oblige them to maintain control“.

And they seem right. We examined the sanitary law and in its article 11, “Without prejudice to the qualifications corresponding to the National Health Service, in the sanitary order corresponds to the Municipalities:
a) ensure the cleanliness and safety of public transport and recreational areas;
b) collecting, transporting and disposing of litter, scraps and rubbish accumulated or produced in urban areas by appropriate methods in the opinion of the National Health Service;
c) To ensure compliance with the hygiene and safety provisions in the General Regulation on Zoning and Urbanization.

Illegal pet cemetery: They blame small municipal existence

An affected person tells Sound trying to denounce illegal pet cemetery on his page Maipu Municipality. But after filling out a form, he said: process stopped.

“The municipality got us here well. They closed everything before they parked here, but nothing happened because they stole everything, even the door. The municipality does nothing, spends a lot of money”He claims to be an annoying neighbor.

The same neighbor continues to complain. He says he’s never seen city patrols. “We have a checkpoint at the corner of Lumen and Primo de Rivera, but people go to the same checkpoint to dump garbage and nobody does anything,” he said.

La Voz contacted the Municipality of Maipú and from there they gave assurances. The Inspection Directorate will investigate the incident to make an on-site visit to the illegal pet cemetery. Necessary measures will be taken based on this report. We will follow the situation from this newspaper, we will see how it will end.

It should be noted that the most appropriate institution for residents to make such complaints would be the Inspection Department.

Inspection Address Its purpose is to monitor compliance with municipal authority norms in the communal area. development of commercial, industrial, transit, environmental hygiene activities, among others“, they guarantee on the website.

Email of such complaint

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: “Animal health should be included in our public policies”

We spoke with fellow member Diego Gallegos. Chilean Veterinary CollegeThe professional emphasized that:There is no concept of animal cemetery in the legislation”, This means that a phenomenon that manifests itself in different parts of the country today cannot find an adequate expression.”

As for options, the lawyer explained that “it is illegal to bury animals on public roads” and that doing so “causes an accident”. can be a source of infection and vector of different diseases for humansthey can contaminate the water, they can be extracted from the soil and they can contaminate animals… it is illegal”.

“It is legal, if not ideal, for this animal to be buried on your property. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can bury it there. However, it is not so recommended because causes the same health risks that we just talked about‘, pointed to the Colmevet representative.

Actually, in 2017, They released a protocol from SAG to perform these pet burials.

In any event, the establishment states that what is recommended for the disposal of a pet’s body is “this they go to crematoriums, cremation of dead animals, although there is no specific regulation a much safer and more convenient measure to honor members of our family who have passed away“.

Likewise, Gallegos spoke of a long-standing struggle Colmevet had had. “We understand that public policy regarding all animals must go through an approach called One Health, and we are tired of repeating something that seems so obvious. animal, human and environmental health are interrelated” and should be included in our public policies according to the organisation.

Biologically, there is not much difference between the human body and the body of another animal. When we die, the sanitary waste looks the same. That’s why people bury themselves by certain rules, and the same rules, with some nuances, can be applied to other biological bodies, such as those of animals,” explains the lawyer.

Instead of the current regulation of animal cemeteries accepting only human bodies, accepting animal corpses, We’re all animals, we’re human too,” he added.

“There’s no reason not to do this, but there seems to be some kind of bottleneck with the fact that we’re animals too,” Gallegos said.

Finally, the lawyer came to the following conclusion:There are policies that also apply to sanitary and environmental issues, and this is one of them… There is a question of adding the line ‘and other animals’ or ‘animals’ to the cemeteries regulation that exists today, and that’s it”.

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