opinion | 300 million which is a ‘gift’. By Javier Alfonso

opinion |  300 million which is a 'gift'.  By Javier Alfonso

Ombudsman this week moon angelrevealed to us that the Consell of the underfunded Valencian Community was the government that “requested”—read, wrongly—invented revenue items to balance the Budget because Sanchez does not transfer what suits us in justice, the person running the show “for a financial fair”, forgot to claim the money that the central government provided to Autonomous Communities in 2020 to pay the thermal social bonus. Ten million euros. Thus, the most vulnerable families were denied this assistance to cover the thermal costs of heating and hot water use.

No one takes responsibility, and no one resigned as a result. The money will reach the families because we Valencians will pay with our taxes the amount that has to come from the State, as we, among others, pay for some of the trips to Imserso that the central government will have to pay. improper payments. Because we are underfunded, but we act like we have too much.

It’s not the first time we’ve missed out on real and available funding if you work hard, when at the show, financing isn’t a blank cheque but instead you have to spend the money and justify it. authorities to Spanish or European authorities. It was realized with 6.3 million in 2017. research grant lost because he was the General Manager of Universities at that time and a Member of Parliament today. Josephine Good to fall asleep

There are so many senior officials and consultants, so many public institutions, so many regrets that when the money comes, they cannot ask for it, cannot spend it. It happens to Valencia City Council, which, if not for the extensions, would have lost almost all Edusi funds from the European Union for Cabanyal due to lack of enforcement. And they fry us with taxes, because the progressive thing is to collect a lot for social policies, but then they have hundreds of millions of euros in the bank and given that they can’t spend them, it’s like they’re paying off the bank debt. banks are the place of citizens who are having bad days. ribo Yes, Valencia can boast of being one of Spain’s least indebted capitals.

Finance Minister Maria Jesus Montero.  Photo: ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ VELEZ/EP

The Minister, turning to Consell Maria Jesus Montero gave us the Valencians, a year ago, 300 million € Extra investment in the 2022 General Government Budget (PGE). Unlike other regional investment items, the money was not for the ministry in charge of this or that public works or state companies like Adif. With only a small size, Generalitat had 300 million to spend on what it wanted: 200 million for infrastructure and 100 million for the implementation of “pilot experiences of innovative mobility solutions”.

It was unprecedented, never seen before, a graceful concession to Montero, so extraordinary that it confused us with the Basque Country, which was always abundant with water. Aytor Esteban He no longer knows how to get support from PNV for Sánchez. After having the railings of La Concha beach painted at the expense of PGE, the last thing to do was request a Basque Surf Team, which sounds like a bet with Bilbao. Andoni Ortuzar inside batzoki last rush txakoli –“Andoni, what are you gambling that the Basque surf team will beat them this year?”–; and this, of course, was given to them.

But no, the 300 million was a scandalous injection of extra money into a single autonomous community that was Valencia, not Basque. backdoor financing That Montero secretly lent money to the Generalitat to make up for his inability to fix regional finances.

Ximo Puig Given the very weak PGE 2022 investment in Alicante, this is over 300 million. make it up to this province. This year, the Government once again forgot about Alicante while preparing the recently approved 2023 Budgets and Puig. promised again That they would make up for it with a good portion of the 300 million. The same 300 million, not the others. The same 300 million that will be spent this year, not in 2023.

Ximo Puig with Minister Raquel Sánchez.  Photo: EDUARDO MANZANA

What Puig’s remarks reveal is that Generalitat has not received, and frankly, not invested a single euro of this 300 million euro from the Government as of 27 November. Not in Alicante or anywhere.

This is because the Government does not issue blank checks as intended. Arcadi Spain At the beginning of the year when he was Minister of Public Works. “Give me 300 million and I’ll spend it” isn’t worth it. The government needs an agreement with the guiding Ministry of Transport. Rachel Sanchez It is stated that this money, which will be revealed as the studies are carried out, will be spent on exactly. The Generalitat has known this for a year, and this is when the agreement has not been signed and the extra 300 million funding that María Jesús Montero graciously gave us has not arrived.

This newspaper has been asking for the ministry for a year -since May. rebeca toro– when the agreement is signed and what works it involves and the answer is always that it is about to be signed. 2022 has a month full of bridges and Christmas holidays are left. The agreement will come, it would be very serious if it was not signed, the money will come, but it will come late. They were investments for 2022, especially for Alicante, and the year was empty. crying a lot…

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