Residents of an entire block of Malasaña were evacuated within 24 hours and without legal notice

Residents of an entire block of Malasaña were evacuated within 24 hours and without legal notice

“They leave me on the street and with only 200 euros in the account.” This is how 27-year-old waiter Eduardo Martínez sums up the situation he is in, without eating or drinking (and without realizing it until the last moment). Today his small studio of 19 square meters needs to be left empty. He and 11 others living in the small apartment on Calle del Marqués de Santa Ana in Malasaña (Centro), 12. Paradoxically, he suffers from pneumonia, which gives him at least 24 hours to prepare for this imperative situation. fast action. He goes to a friend’s house. For now.

At 8:25 p.m. on Friday evening, “two men who did not give their IDs” knocked on his door: “They said they came to deliver a notice by hand.” To their surprise, there was a letter from the company Arrendaplus SL, the owner of the building located in Alcobendas, ordering them to “evacuate their property and effectively transfer ownership of the leased property with the effective delivery of keys.” To carry out urgent works as a result of the existence of an administrative file belonging to the General Directorate of Buildings. city ​​of Madrid. Ironically, “If I hadn’t been on leave for pneumonia, I would have been working at the bar when they arrived and I wouldn’t have even known.” Moreover, there is a neighbor who came to his house yesterday, and at that time he came face to face with the news. “Another couple was going to spend the weekend in Murcia, but they ended up in Madrid; If they were gone, they wouldn’t even know what would happen,” explains the young man.

property warning sign

tania sieira

from August 2021

And what will happen is not something the owner hasn’t known for a while. According to the attached information, the eviction request for flats is close to a year. Inside August 2021, the attic neighbor complained that his floor was sinking. Municipal Fire Department and municipal technicians participated. The first damage report was from August 4 of that year, and on August 10 the procedure “ordering security measures to be taken” began. Finally, on 22 December, the General Directorate of Building ordered the repair of the damage.

Inspections were conducted on March 24 and April 5, 2022, during which the work of supporting the roof slab of the fourth floor (attic) was confirmed. Spring passed, summer passed, and on October 4, the company was warned to “provide a technical certificate that guarantees the adequacy of the security measures installed and the robustness of the elements affected by them” within 15 days. The Council refers to the decision of 10 August 2021. rent plusBy the decision of 22 December, the works are done and if they are done within one month, their conformity is certified. In addition, Urbanism advises that the farm’s property will be fined between 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 euros “for non-compliance with what is ordered by notice”. The head of the Law Department of Control and Protection signs the municipal document.

Another of those affected is improvisational movement.

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Well, while all this has happened in the last 15 months, the neighbors say they know absolutely nothing. Eduardo has been there for a year and a half, but other people have rented for up to six years, although they prefer not to reveal their names. “I pay 515, 900 on the rooftop, another neighbor 530… And they don’t even offer us a housing solution. It’s only a two-month warehouse. And everything, without burofax or anything. As soon as the two men who brought the letter left, I found a crying neighbor. There is a time when no one knows what it is. Last Friday, November 18, the manager said they would come from City Hall to look at our apartments. They took four pictures and left. Until yesterday [por el pasado viernes, 25 de noviembre]«.

A neighbor is showing some cracks

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A guasap to inform

Those affected by the incident formed a group and came to the police station last night. National Police, without getting anything. But the surrealism of this story didn’t stop there: “At 2am, I got a text from the company’s contact phone number, which we keep calling and they never answer,” adds Eduardo. this WowABC’s has access, says:

“Good evening, how are you? This number has been called and we understand that it is for information purposes. This contact number is provided by the company that owns the property you are renting, located at Calle Marqués de Salamanca nº 12. [hasta la dirección es errónea] this complex situation that occurs… (sic)”.

«The company was informed with the technical report and the request of the municipality, according to the unfortunate news they received today; Company-authorized personnel have emerged to personally deliver such bad news. Considering that there is a risk to the physical integrity of the people living in the buildings of the building, we urge you to continue to evacuate the buildings with utmost urgency, through the technical report requested and issued by the city council. Before Sunday, November 27, the building is an integrated structural rehabilitation object. In such interventions, as stated in the health and safety plan according to the municipal regulation, it is not possible for people to stay in the execution process due to their bodily integrity.

«The integrity of natural persons is paramount, therefore, the company requests the immediate evacuation of the building before 27 November and exempts itself from all legal and criminal legal liability in case of any event or disaster that may arise from the condition of the building after the fire. the date specified by the communication to deliver the keys. We are sorry for what has happened, but the company must comply with the requirements by undertaking the integrated rehabilitation of the structure immediately and of the utmost urgency, as indicated by the technical department and the City Council. The company has set a schedule for phone service between 11:00 and 14:00 to answer questions and provide the information they need. A sincere greeting!!”.

Arrendaplus: “This is not a whim”

Another striking fact is that the company requested a report from an architect confirming the poor condition of the building. What is interesting is that the document containing the results was signed on November 22, and the electronic date is the 24th; that is, just one day before the so-called representatives of the estate appeared in the homes of those affected by the bad news.

A few of its owners were at the door of the Marqués de Santa Ana last night, 12

tania sieira

Last night at the 12-year-old Marqués de Santa Ana, everything was a commute. Eduardo will stay at a friend’s house for a few days: “I’m from Zaragoza. What will I do next? At the very least, I want compensation.” Others affected include a mother with a young daughter, an elderly woman, and herself coughing nonstop as she prepares to move in with pneumonia. “They want me to sign a contract termination (because the company broke it), take the deposit and leave… But I pay to live here.”

ABC spoke to an Arrendaplus representative last night: “We sent a clerical fax, but it probably hasn’t reached them yet. Both people came with their IDs. We are human and this is a hopeless situation, not a fad. We are looking for an urgent housing solution.” When asked why they hadn’t warned them earlier, he replied that if the issue had been on the table for over a year, “they are unpredictable, they are acting on faith.”

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