Spectacular spot – Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD

Spectacular spot - Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD

Sanse drew 2-2 with UD Cornellà in the match where the Thais knew how to fight until the end to get a very important point.

The match started with Sanse wanting to impose his game from the beginning. In the 2nd minute, Agirre tried to test the goalkeeper from the outside with Kortajarena’s pass, but his shot did not find the goal. Txuri Urdin’s striker did not stop scoring and in the next game he managed to stand in front of the goalkeeper and took a diagonal shot, but the ball hit the post. And in the first dangerous game for the locals, Redru managed to stand up to Marrero and score the first goal of the game with a howitzer. The colts reacted well and in the first game after the goal, Marín was fouled on the field and the referee awarded a penalty. After a great save by the goalkeeper, Martín picked up the ball and focused it on the goal. And that’s when Kortajarena miraculously finished the ball 1-1 and scored his third consecutive goal in the last three games. What a run for the Oiartzuarra midfielder! At 1-1 the game calmed down and the chances stalled and the game was midway through without any more dangerous chances.

The second half did not start well for the San Sebastians. As soon as the Catalans started, they played well on the flank and thanks to a good cross, striker Enrik was able to win the game 2-1 with a header. After the goal, Sanse found Riutort’s players far behind, so playing the games was a martyrdom for Sergio Francisco’s men. One of the clearest hits came in the 77th minute, using Kortajarena Garrido’s excellent pass from the line to center the ball with her left foot, but the goalkeeper saved the ball well. There was only one owner of the ball in the last part of the game, but the good defensive actions of the locals prevented the colts from collecting. Magunazelaia equalized with a free kick from outside the penalty area in the 88th minute, but the ball cleared the crossbar and narrowly went out. And when the cut seemed to be over, Garrido threw a nice ball onto the field, made a perfect pass for Marathon, and was able to bring the score 2-2 thanks to a good dribble, thus closing the game.

A draw for Txuri urdin on a first class pitch after a tough game where the opponent managed to keep the result behind the line. The Colts showed that they know how to fight until the end. This attitude! Next week, they will return to Zubieta to face Osasuna Promesas, an Osasuna subsidiary. Ayy Sanse!

Data sheet:

AB Cornella: Anacker, Gerard, Andreu, Blanco (Eliseo, min. 46), Redru, Planas (Martínez, min. 82), Mamor (Muntadas, min. 66), Nana (alum), Fullana, Tavares (Baldrich, min. 82) ) ) and Enri (Folch, min. 88).

Sans: Marrero, Carbonell (Gabilondo, min. 56), Arambarri (cap.) (Gorrotxategi, min. 56), Cantero, Glez. De Zárate, Martín (Ezkurdia, min. 76), Olasagasti, Kortajarena, Magunazelaia, Marín (Garrido, min. 66), and Agirre (Martón, min. 66).

Goals: 1-0: Red, min. 29; 1-1: Kortajarena, min. 32; 2-1: Enri, min. 46; 2-2: Marton, min. 90.

Judge: Claudiu Muresan. Locals warned Blanco, Andreu and Nana, as well as visitor Magunazelaia.

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