Ten Places in Palencia, Jorge Pérez: A Man from the North

Ten Places in Palencia, Jorge Pérez: A Man from the North

PASSIONS: As you can see on this page, Jorge Pérez loves to enjoy the mountains, and climbing is also among his hobbies.

ORBIT: He was not born in Cervera, but as he himself admits, “the cow is not where it was born, but where it grazes.” That’s why he considers himself a Cerverano, although he is currently working as an electromedical technician at the Salamanca hospital. Of course, when he finds time, he returns to Palencia Mountain.

Ten places by Jorge Pérez

1. Almonga Peak. “How not to talk about the summit that the people of Cervera de Pisuerga love so much! Of course, we Cerverans have uploaded it many times. The fact that it’s not a very difficult climb means you can go out with your friends practically anytime. It’s a place I remember because after all that climbing I have a lot of experiences to remember.”

2.Pineda Valley. “To me, it’s one of the most surprising spots in the state. Being there and observing the vastness of a glacial valley like this one allows you to see how small we are and, on the contrary, how vast and precious nature is. It’s not a very easy point to reach, so getting there already makes it more exciting.”

3. Ruesga Reservoir. “I have to add this point to the list. I spent the afternoon on its shores with my friends. We’ve been looking forward to summer since we were little so we could get on our bikes at noon and move as quickly as possible to enjoy amazing moments with good people.

4. Curavacas Peak. “The lofty mountain of our city, which I have had the honor of climbing several times. It is a very enjoyable summit as there is a path intertwined with nature in the town of Vidrieros from the beginning. Of course, going to the top and appreciating the view from one of the highest points of Palencia terrain leaves you speechless. You never want to get off.”

5. Round Rock. “Impressive mountain, not only for its beautiful views (like those found on most of the state’s peaks), but also for the incredible illusion it gives you to reach the top and see its majestic great cross, which is more than 10 meters tall. Some lucky ones can see it from the window of their house or even lying in their bed tens of kilometers away. This causes it to be even more impressive up there, in the mountains ».

6. Alba de los Cardanos. “One of my favorite places in our city. Located on the banks of the Camporredondo reservoir, this town has a different arrangement that gives it that priceless beauty from its perspective. In both summer and winter, it is undoubtedly an ideal place to contemplate and observe these panoramic views. The landscape is completely different depending on the season of the year. The highlight of a visit is when you run into a local and they tell you that in the past, during the colder months the water will freeze and they can walk from one side of the swamp to the other and even go ice skating.”

7.Cervera de Pisuerga Tourist Parador. “A place that most of those who read this know, I don’t think I need to explain why it’s on this list. One of the most beautiful inns in Spain is absolutely at hand, even going there and drinking a cup of coffee with those views makes the taste of that coffee completely different”.

8. Parque del Salón de Palencia. “It’s a pretty common place as it’s the nerve center of Palencia, but I have to name it because I spent a long time with my family as a kid and now with my friends. As time went on I think it was different to enjoy this park, for example going from using El Salón for its green spaces to doing it for its bars and festive events. But the important thing is that this central place in the capital has always existed in my life».

9.Autilla del Pino wineries. «In that case, I am fortunate to enjoy one of the wineries overlooking the majestic fields of Castilla, where on a clear afternoon you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset from afar. This means that any snack or meal must necessarily be extended until sunset, but the wait is certainly worth it.

10. Villamuriel de Cerrato. “My grandfather will kill me if I forget Villamuriel de Cerrato and don’t mention his town. I spent countless good times with him there. I remember the days when my brother and I went and we used to do everything we could to help him plant, plow and reap. Then we would go to the winery to enjoy an aperitif-dinner. It was family days!”

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