“There is a very close link between animal abuse and gender-based violence”

"There is a very close link between animal abuse and gender-based violence"

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. works in multiple fields physical assault and even murder is the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, these tentacles are slowly starting to cut off, or at least limit their travel, with actions like the new law on the legal status of animals introduced by the Government, which, among other measures, recognizes animals as “sentient beings”. this protects them from being used as a firearm in violence against women.

David Sánchez, a lawyer who specializes in animal law from Granada, is a staunch advocate of this legal advance, which he says allows, among other measures, to avoid “a very common practice” (it would happen in 60, according to his own figures). as percentage of cases) use pets to prevent spouse from leaving home familyr, what is commonly known as indirect violence.

Advocate, head of Agmada (Lawyers for the defense of the environment and animals from Granada),”a very close link between animal abuse and domestic or gender-based violence” and develops by stating that heteropatriarchy is based on the “idea of ​​hierarchy,” which leads many abusers to show their place in it by committing violence to pets, thereby indirectly giving the message that they are superior to their spouses (and children) and that controls them too.

Sánchez also emphasizes the impact this type of violence has on married children, because if there are a few studies that show that having pets in the home is a positive reinforcement for minors, inflicting violence on them improves the lawyer, creates productivity. It creates a negative effect on children who grow up with the thought that problems are solved by violence. Interpersonal relationships are based on power and domination.“, in the words of Sánchez, who assures that a vicious circle perpetuating this type of practice is thus produced.

joint custody denial

When talking about the children of a marriage, it is necessary to mention one of the most controversial aspects produced by the new animal legislation: what happens to pet custody? in case of divorce.

The new law, among other articles, amends article 91 of the Civil Code, with the lawyer to decide on the visitation regime of children, and now that of pets, in the absence of mutual agreement, in the event of termination of the relationship.

However, Sánchez draws attention to another article 92 of the Civil Code, which has been replaced by new legislation, which shows: when joint custody is not granted As of now, this denial has three assumptions: when the man is in criminal proceedings, when there are well-founded indications of gender-based violence, and when the man abuses animals or threatens to control or victimize their animals. spouse or children.

This last point is the most controversial and controversial of the new legislation. According to the president, with the merger, it is no longer necessary for the husband to enter a criminal case for denying custody of the children, it will be enough to prove that he committed violence or threat to an animal. Agmada.

The lawyer explains that in order to prove this, the testimony of both the mother and the children themselves can be used, their testimony will be taken into account from the age of 12, and if they are under this age, their statements will be taken into account. It remains in the hands of a professional team who will evaluate the little ones after psychological analysis.

violet system

Another innovation brought to life in the relationship between gender-based violence and animal abuse. violet systemwhat are you looking for creating a support network for women’s pets in the separation process.

According to Sánchez, this initiative, which is already working in other countries of the European Union, comes to solve an existing problem. shelters for battered women. Currently, many are unable to accommodate animals or, at worst, refuse to do so, preventing many women from going to them. With the new system, an “alternative foster family for pets” will be sought and this problem will be prevented.

As a lawyer from Granada explains, anyone can temporarily give their home to pets; this is an initiative in which public institutions can participate, so Sánchez asks them to contribute their sand and collaborate with this initiative.

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