We already know each other among witches…, by Anna Grau

We already know each other among witches..., by Anna Grau

I was a delegate for the newspaper. avui when in Madrid, still José Maria Aznar head of government, his wife, master bottledecided to make a breakthrough in active politics. He has always played a decisive role behind the scenes. aznarism. For example, Aznar’s famous Majestic dish, where Catalan nationalism entered as public enemy and left one foot in Moncloa. If Ana Botella hadn’t thrown herself to break through the defense, the whole thing would have been in a mess of hatred and suspicion. seagull ferrusola. Jordi Pujol’s wife had gone to dinner as if she were going to the slaughterhouse. She left, delighted at how nice, conservative, and not very forgiving the future Spanish First Lady was to her divorced subordinates.

Botella managed to become the mayor of Madrid, no one was deceived as to how and why. His mission was essentially correct (if we forget the specific light and shadows on social housing and vulture funds…) and I can say more than that, considering the persecution the left has always treated him with. do you remember “A relaxing cup of latte at Plaza Mayor”? It will be as funny as you want it to be… but it’s interesting that the vast majority of people who laugh don’t speak English better than that.

Definitely one of those who laughed the most and treated her as a “lady” in a contemptuous and offensive way. Pablo Iglesias. He’s the same person who yelled at the current Equality Minister and mother of three, Irene Montero, for a series of insults (no doubt because that’s how they were).

Go ahead, attacking a political adversary who is preoccupied with his private life – it’s perfectly legal – in the most distasteful and rude way seems to me utterly disgusting. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve had this in my body for years. Ever since I started facing the process, before I got into politics, when I did this in a personal and journalistic capacity, I’ve already found everything: yes, whore, yes, drunk, yes, your ex-partners, yes, you neckline …

I don’t know if everyone remembers that this was exactly the last trigger for my entry into politics. A public and online lynching was so brutal that I sought and obtained the protection of the Madrid Press Association and the Spanish Federation of Press Associations. Two Catalan deputies whom I did not know at the time (David Pérez from PSC and Nacho Martín Blanco from Ciutadans) enthusiastically defended me from the rostrum.

“I’ve seen this before: when Inés Arrimadas, a clown (literally a comedian) from TV3, called her a ‘whore’ on Twitter”

On the other hand, someone with whom I had a certain friendship (not extinguished on my part, I do not know about him …) with the then MP and prominent leader and secretary of United We Can did not move a finger, eyelash or tweet. Enrique de Santiago. I also asked you for help. ignored me. I’ve only seen him ruffle his hair in defense of ultra-leftist women. No matter what they say to us, no matter what happens to us, there is no water for the rest. I’ve seen it before: when Ines Arrimadas, a clown (literally a comedian) from TV3 called her a “whore” on Twitter. When Begoña Villací’s mystery in the San Isidro meadow got pregnant…

The funniest part was that a few months later Enrique sent me I don’t know how many tweets about a friend of mine, allegedly retaliating for a journalist saying I don’t know what the Bolivarian thing is…. and he wanted someone like me to go on a hunger strike on his behalf. From the Bolivarian, yes. I answered him with polite sarcasm: “But are you really telling me that there are people in Spain who have been lynched for their ideas? How terrible, who would say! We’ll have to get our batteries together”…

“Don’t be sarcastic,” she goes and reproaches me on top of that. At least this time he showed signs of life. Instead, when I asked if it was right for Lidia Falcón and the Feminist Party to be expelled from IU for opposing Irene Montero, and what the embryo of Trans law was at the time, she chose to remain incomprehensible silence. Shortly after we learned that Lidia Falcón had filed a complaint against the Madrid Hate Prosecutor’s Office, attention… Generalitat Department of Social Welfare! What was the Catalan government doing? Lydian Falcon In short, in Madrid as a historical feminist for opposing the laws of Irene Montero: I prefer not to think about it.

They tried to kick Lidia Falcón out of everywhere, not just IU. The same thing happened soon after. Lucia Etxebarria, he is also the author who dares to challenge the purple paradigm. Let’s see, today I’m interested in drawing the reader’s attention here, rather than who is more or less right, or even a better or worse character… about the enormous danger of confronting the Ministry of Equality. Twitter calls not to buy your books, repeated insults, insults and ridicule, accusations of plagiarism treated almost like murder charges… Terrible, seriously. I’ve seen the same thing only when you encounter the process.

And so we come to the closest time: the declared fiasco of the USA. only yes law is yes, some (people from my own party) defended in good faith and even voted, others didn’t really have fun at all, but we understood and understood the discussion. The need to talk about it seriously and calmly. no. If you put yourself before them, you would be a facha, a political abomination, a civilian leech, and therefore you would have to be treated, oppressed, and mocked. This is not a metaphor, but a sad confirmation of how a small piece of democracy dies in this country every day. By scaring anyone who tries to use it.

Does it seem right to me that those who kill with iron die by iron and that Irene Montero now tastes the bitter “democratic syrup” that she and people like her have funneled everyone for years? No, look. not so the other day some socialist MPs in Parliament and even some socialist MPs from the ERC told me/us online, etc. When he suggested that we participate in the “spontaneous condemnation” of political violence, I thought: I will write to the first, of course I will. Wrong is wrong, even when they do it to Irene Montero.

…It would have been enough for me if the manifesto to be read at the “spontaneous” protest, and of course, would be read by the chairman of the Parliamentary Equality and Feminism Commission. En Comú Podem, the Catalan version of Podemos, will condemn all attacks of this type, no matter where they come from. Ah, but no: only the “far right” was mentioned as the sole source of infection. What about the ultra-left, I asked. Embarrassing silence. And someone who has already learned politics: “If it’s such a problem, if it embarrasses you so much, say we condemn all attacks of such extremism without adjectives, and it’s good for all of us, not just Irene. Montero”…

There was no aunt. Many deputies from many groups agreed with me/us, some more openly, some more openly, trying to change the manifesto. He couldn’t. They were purples and lentils, take it or leave it. You either vote for me or you’re guilty of all sexual assaults in Spain. You either swallow your Trans law sweetie or you’re transphobic. Podemism or death.

Well, this time it won’t just be no. Either to defend them all, or to protest them all, or to demand respect for each, or with me and anyone who came with me, well, that doesn’t count.

What are the lessons to be learned at this point and from these people? By the way, the author of some pretty cowardly and disgusting tweets against me Macarena Not far from the Catalan Parliament. Anyways. We continue.

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