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Surge nuevo gremio empresarial conformado por pescadores artesanales. Foto: Cortesía.

A new collaboration has emerged is the Peruvian National Artisanal Fisheries Association (Sonapescal), an association representing more than 1,300 artisanal squid and parakeets nationwide.

Piura was the site of the official presentation of the aforementioned guild, which aims to promote collective and political solutions for fisheries management, sustainability of resources and formalization of vessels in squid and parrot fishing, an activity employing more than 20,000 traditional fishermen. countrywide

At the meeting, the outline of the Sonapescal action plan and its partner organizations were presented.

Elsa Vega Pardo, president of Sonapescal, highlighted the need for a collective alliance for responsible fishing and marine sustainability.

“Sonapescal was born by recognizing its first ally, the fisherman, to empower organizations that integrate themselves with union and collaborative work to promote an official, responsible, sustainable fishery and better opportunities for all involved in the production chain. I take it as reading,” he said.

The event was also attended by Gabriel Salazar Vega, Deputy Minister of Production (Produce), who welcomed the creation of Sonapescal and emphasized the importance of having an official fleet.

Peruvian chef Diego Muñoz and Alfonso Miranda, chairman of the Committee for Sustainable Management of the South Pacific Giant Squid (Calamasur), also attended.

Families of employees of organizations affiliated with Sonapescal attended the auditorium.


Currently, the National Artisanal Fisheries Association is chaired by Elsa Vega Pardo and consists of Caleta de Yacila Artisanal Owners Association, Mar de Paita Artisanal Fisheries Owners Association (Apamarpa) and Consumer Artisanal Owners Association Paita Direct. .

Also, the Port of Paita Hydrobiological Product Suppliers Association (APPHPP), the Artisanal Fishermen Association dedicated to the extraction of squid, parakeet and other Parachique – La Bocana (Apadexpo) and the San José Fisheries Cooperative from Piura regions and Lambayeque.

It is hoped that the alliance between squid and parrot associations promoted by Sonapescal can raise the voices of this sector with the State for the well-being of the country’s artisanal fishermen and the sustainable management of the Peruvian sea.

responsible fishing

“Among the capacities we chefs have is to seek sufficient information about the products we use in our restaurants, to know the off seasons, minimum sizes and the availability of resources, because we have the power to create demand or direct it in the right direction. others that were plentiful at the time,” said chef Diego Muñoz.

“Engaging with organizations like this helps us mobilize knowledge towards local markets,” he added.

Alfonso Miranda, Calamasur’s president, argued that the government, fishermen and everyone involved in the industry can improve squid extraction.

“Manually mined squid contributes to the Peruvian economy. “All fishermen are invited to commit to sustainable fishing, especially in Paita, where most of this resource comes ashore.”

One of the future actions proposed by Sonapescal to promote squid and budgerigar consumption is to offer a fair where people can learn more and taste these resources.

Additionally, they seek to motivate the involvement of more fisheries organizations who want to make a commitment to maintain sustainable fisheries for the ecosystem and its resources.

In 2019 alone, both sources managed to export close to 900 million dollars and produced 60 thousand tons of food for the country.

Squid and mahi mahi fleets should be formalized through the existing SIFORPA II (KHK 1392) and Fisheries Cooperatives (KHK 006-2016-Produce) processes.

Squid has a high nutritional value as it helps lower blood cholesterol levels and provides essential proteins and amino acids. In addition, its consumption is ideal for a healthy diet, as it contains minimal fat.

While the budgerigar stands out for its high protein concentration. It also provides Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help control cholesterol and prevent cancer.

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Published: 27.11.2022

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