A research project to tackle overweight pets in Spain

A research project to tackle overweight pets in Spain

Rof Codina University Veterinary Hospital, affiliated with the Lugo Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), offer control and, when appropriate, reduce excess weight in dogs and cats in adulthood

that a fact affects more than 30% of petsAccording to the veterinarian director of Rof Codina hospital, Antonio Gonzalez Cantalapedraand investigator of the USC Veterinary Surgery, Radiology and Ultrasound group, Silvia Fernandez Martin.

Fernández Martín explains that the goal of this pet weight control campaign is to improve the health and quality of life of dogs and cats, as well as increase their life expectancy. This veterinary researcher also more to cats as they tend to be more sedentary pets He warns that they don’t need to be taken for a walk, but that there are more and more obese or overweight dogs.

The causes of the problem these pets represent by being overweight are varied and are often related to the behavior and practices of their owners, such as excessive dieting or not making it easy for the animals to get adequate physical exercise. “Dogs they have to walk until they get tired”, points out González Cantalapiedra before adding. average level of obesity these pets 20% more than ideal body weight.


The lack of mechanisms enabled by administrations updated pet count and the absence of these controls also makes it difficult to know exactly the characteristics of each animal and possible pathologies of pets whose health monitoring depends largely on the will of their owners and how receptive they are.

Given this fact, which is common in most developed societies, the research project supported by Rof Codina University Veterinary Hospital is seen as a good opportunity for people with overweight pets. full review and regardless of your health condition.

According to Silvia Fernández, the only condition that animals must meet to participate in this research program is that they are accustomed to eating only pet food. a specific diet free for a period of three months. The researcher also highlights the need to attend scheduled weight control checks at Rof Codina to assess the evolution of animals.

Researchers at Rof Codina University Veterinary Hospital on the USC Terra Campus involved in this project, Contains over a hundred dogs and cats with obesity, to have an adequate conscience scrutiny to support the results of their work, the results of which they plan to present before the summer of 2023.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez Cantalapiedra and Fernandez Martin invite the public to participate With your pets in this weight loss program for dogs and cats. Those who are interested can get more information by calling 982820920 or by e-mail.

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