Analysis Knight Witch, a metroidvania with a touch of bullet hell

Analysis Knight Witch, a metroidvania with a touch of bullet hell

this metroidvania is one of the most popular formulas in the indie scene and get to know dozens of great games, but also burn the approach a little; If you follow the news of the AA and AAA sector, you will definitely notice the tiredness in between. metroidvania, they are like spirits and open worlds. Worst of all, many editions adhere to the platforming action pattern on the maze maps and you feel like you’ve played it a thousand times.

From time to time some new titles are released and Knight WitchFrom the Spanish team Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team – Super Mega Team for short – is an adventure that tries to do something different by combining two styles that do not always intersect. Shoot them all with nonlinear scanning. approved by the team. super-magic or perhaps a better known project, Rise and ShineSo one thing is clear: Do not hesitate to take action.

fantasy twin stick shooter

Story Knight Witch He describes how peace was lost under Daigadai’s house as resources began to run out. The family has done “unspeakable things” to the planet and its ecosystems under this pretext – a very timely message – but in times of crisis, salvation has emerged, new heroines with magical powers. After a while, civilization found peace again in the city of Dungeonidas, an underground sanctuary built by giants. of course The peace will not last and now a new threat loomsThe young hero forces Rayne to investigate what happened and save his loved ones.

In the playable section, we have an intriguing combination of adventures. metroidvania its narrative, with its secrets and rewards, but moves away from the 2D combat with swords or one-shot that we normally associate with this type of publication. his spirit Shoot them alleven sometimes bullet helland Rayne flies over the map as if he were the steward of a ship. That’s why we forget about set skips or slow exploration of other titles, here we will face waves of enemies and mobility is essential to escape the shooting rain. One known example attempting to unify these mechanics was the epic. Pixel Junk Shooterhowever, the action in Q-Games never reached a crazy level, no matter how much it was named, it focused more on puzzles.

Along the way, we’ll encounter a large number of more or less affordable enemies – in waves where we’ll have to finish off all opponents; just think hackn slash, where the field is closed and you cannot advance until you finish the challenge. This is a Gameplay Depending on the Martian killer style and the design of the areas, we can use the obstacles in the scene as cover, or if there are no other options, we can dodge or dodge through the rain of shots with a little teleportation ability. There are lots of bosses and enemies with big attacks so some experiences danmaku.

Bosses will put
Bosses will test your reflexes with fireworks, lasers and other weapons.

Super Mega Team introduced a customization layer so Knight Witch to be more than just an arcade game, as we were before a hybrid adventure. There’s a leveling up, healing items, the economy of purchasing items in stores, and most of all, the version of our enchantment deck. Basically, we will take cards with offensive and defensive aids we select an amount to associate with the buttons of the pad. Of course, the stronger they are, the more mana is consumed by enemies – so summoning a sword that chases a nearby enemy is cheaper than a powerful attack obtained by defeating a boss. There is something for everyone: changes in weapon type, harmony, clouds that damage nearby enemies, the creation of bombs, sweeps that eliminate shots, etc.

A disadvantage of this card system is that once consumed they can be replaced with another card from the deck and in the heat of an ambush or boss. Looking away gets a little weird and get to know the next spell that suits us best; In other words, the actions executed by each button on the remote control are not entirely intuitive control.

Knight Witch sometimes too much presents a good challenge, but even if the developer has taken it, there will be those who find it positive. a few resolutions that soften the difficulty a bit, both in the action part and the exploration part. The game usually informs us about the location of our current target, and thanks to the well-concentration of the maps, it is not a huge interconnected world, avoiding wandering around the labyrinth without knowing very well what to do; like those who don’t want to waste time unnecessarily. On the other hand, there is an “instinctive shot” that automatically locks onto the target; It does less damage than the regular two stick control but can get us out of trouble. Even an old-fashioned cheat list has been added, but of course using it blocks the trophy or achievement system and playing immortality takes away the fun.

The result of combining a development metroidvania with the game shooter It turns into a double-edged sword. On the positive side, it undoubtedly gains a different personality from other standalone versions and also there is so much quality: it’s a fun game and much longer duration than offered Rise and ShineKnight Witch If we want to see everything, it takes 20 hours-. But it also dilutes its target audience a bit: its fanatics. Shoot them all You may be disconnected from the narrative, object-seeking, or trap zones, while aspects of exploration aren’t as bright as before. metroidvania It will scare anyone looking for a more classic and more relaxed experience with the number of shots. It’s a difficult balance, but the overall conclusion is that Knight Witch worth it for anyone interested shooter Ambitious that goes beyond an arcade approach.

Reconnaissance zones as well as enemies
Exploration zones bring with them mobile traps as well as enemies, which aren’t always easy.

A comic book in motion

artistic aspect Rise and Shine Continuity—and evolution, because we loved it more—is in it. Knight WitchA very funny style with plenty of detail, fluidity, depth shots and naturally lots of particles on the screen. The audio-visual part doesn’t have many drawbacks: the music raises the tension during important battles and turns into calmer melodies during the journey so that the most persistent sounds don’t bother.

There is
There are beautiful areas and it’s a more diverse game than ‘Rise & Shine’.


spirit Knight Witch inside shooter and the public will enjoy it the most, even if they see the story part as something more expendable that blocks the rhythm. such a title wastes tons of action, demands and sometimes spectacular; does not constitute a serious error, but high competition metroidvania market – one aspect Knight Witch does not intend to go any deeper than necessary – and between the difficulty of finding the right dose Gameplay arcade and non-linear exploration may not be to everyone’s taste, even if it’s not directly related to its quality. in short a Shoot them all more than “simple” Shoot them alland one metroidvania not like most metroidvania you played

We did this analysis on the PS5 version with a code provided to us by Press Engine, which is causing a bit of a delay on these systems until December 2 before the game gets a major update on PlayStation, Xbox and Windows 10. ; Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch versions will launch on November 29 as scheduled.

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