Andersen becomes exclusive Legal Adviser to the 37th Copa América de Vela in Spain

Andersen becomes exclusive Legal Adviser to the 37th Copa América de Vela in Spain

this America’s Sailing Cup to be done in Barcelona in 2024. In order to ensure the resounding success of the organization in all areas of law and to support the development of this relevant sporting event, the organization’s ACE Barcelona SL (America’s Cup Event) decided to partner with one of the country’s most important law firms, andersen.

An already begun collaboration aiming to make Andersen Private Legal Counsel in Spain to celebrate the 37th edition of the most important competition in the sailing world. Made by choice Emirates Team New ZealandHe is responsible for organizing a new episode of Copa América.

Andersen was the winner after running through some pretty tough competition between the main law firms in Spain. The Barcelona office of this firm will lead this new project, but a multidisciplinary team of professionals from different parts of the country will be presented to ACE Barcelona SL.

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America’s Cup Event is an organization created by Emirates Team New Zealand, the Defending Cup and America’s Cup beneficiary. They decided to choose Andersen as the perfect company to guarantee the perfect organization of the event and the most complete legal advice for the 37th competition on the Barcelona beach.

Sailing America's Cup Trophy

Sailing America’s Cup Trophy

European Press

A very ambitious project

The project will be based on two pillars: sustainability and innovation. This will be a large-scale program that Andersen approaches, led by the office in Barcelona, ​​which will now act as its headquarters, based on the perfect fit of all its offices in Spain.

The team of lawyers is working from the very first stage on very relevant milestones in the implementation of the project from all areas of law, in order to contribute to the success of this new edition, which will take place in Barcelona. Its main tasks are to undertake commercial and institutional matters, to establish companies within the organization.

They will also interfere with regulatory aspects by contributing to the legal framework applicable to the event to declare the competition as an exceptional public interest event. They will work on the preparation of the normative package to be implemented as part of the celebration of the event on a wide range of legal issues, and will advise on immigration, labor and tax matters for the organizers and members of the different teams. Travel to our country on the occasion of the event.

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Managing Partners of Andersen company, Jose Vicente Morote and Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre they wanted to emphasize the importance of Spain hosting such an important event. Copa América has passed through only five more countries in its history: Britain, United States of America, Australia, New Zeland Y bermuda. They also celebrate the possibility of “providing a service that will contribute to the success of the competition with the support of the Barcelona office and other offices in Spain”.

“The next few years for the development of such a large event to play with all guarantees of competition in tax, regulatory, administrative, transfer pricing, intellectual property, cybersecurity, etc”.

Pere Aragonès, Ada Colau and other political representatives with the Copa América sailing trophy

Pere Aragonès, Ada Colau and other political representatives with the Copa América sailing trophy

European Press

CEO of ACE, Grant Daltonused the following terms:The 37th Copa América in Barcelona will be one of the best in recent history. But holding a major global event with all its legal and contractual requirements is a never-ending process, but vital to ensure the event’s success. At ACE Barcelona SL we are delighted to be able to partner with Andersen to assist with all legal matters in Barcelona and Spain.”

It should be noted that the Copa America de Vela is one of the oldest international competitions in the sport, it was started in 1851 and is the most important of this sport. As a result, it is one of the events with the greatest economic and media impact for the host country. Olympic Games and Football World Cup. Specifically, a significant increase in tourism is expected during the celebration alongside a significant economic impact in Spain for the next edition.

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on his behalf Andersen is an international company with more than 350 professionals serving in Spain from offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville. The development of the company, which has recently tripled its turnover and almost doubled its workforce five years allows the Firm to deal with large-scale issues such as the Copa América. This, added to the firm’s international scope with a presence in over 350 locations, gives it the ability to address additional issues that may occasionally be involved in other countries.

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