Aperribay wants to establish the ‘Royal Society of the future’

Aperribay quiere construir “la Real Sociedad del futuro”

Jokin Aperribay will be re-elected as president of Real this Tuesday. The royalist leader chairs the sole alternative to renew the txuri-urdin club’s Board of Directors. The election of new members of the board of directors for the next five years will constitute the main item of the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly to be held. It will take place at the Kursaal Conference Center in Donostia at 19:00..

In a letter to shareholders, Aperribay explains that it wants to count on their support. “Continue to build the Reality of the Future”.

The current president hopes to continue his “at the head of the Council” and To be able to continue to promote the development our club needs to consolidate itself among the football elite. Ambition is also an impulse that requires common sense and sustainability. And always true to our identity”.

The letter states, “Among us all, we have fulfilled several dreams of the txuri-urdin family: A new field and a new title, to name a few”. Now Aperribay wants to carry out the remake of the “heart of La Real” Zubieta. We have already started the implementation of the project we presented, which includes the expansion of facilities and the construction of new buildings.”

Aperriba if he completes his fourth termand will become Real’s longest-serving president.

The club’s shareholders will also have to decide on the management of the 2021-22 season and the budget for the current campaign. The numbers for this course, in any case, no longer reflects the current economic situation. And after the accounts were announced last June, several operations took place that had a strong impact on the realistic economyLike Alexander Isak’s sale to Newcastle for 70 million euros – with the possibility of raising five more variants – and Matthew Ryan’s transfer to Copenhagen for close to half a million euros. 20 million to Almería for the hiring of Sadiq Umar, the acquisition of Kubo for six million, or the loan return of Alexander Sorloth.

In addition, Real received in July and August Payment of 9.3 million euros out of the corresponding 106 euros for the deal with CVC. However, the club did not provide an approximate calculation of the new figures at the time of the accounts presentation.

Managed last season Posted a loss of €4.3 million after generating revenues of 138.69 million and presenting expenses of 144.8 million. Television rights contributed 69.13 million to the royalist treasury, and the Europa League dispute left another nine million. Personnel expenses represent an expenditure of 92.69 million, of which 82.91 belong to sports personnel.

The club believes that covid caused more than four million euros in losses last season.. And for example, Anoeta did not have 100% of its capacity until last March. Even so, if television revenues had not been cut by 4.2 million due to the closure of the hospitality sector during the pandemic, the accounts would have been closed with a positive balance.

During the three campaigns marked by Covid, The club calculates that it has lost a total of 2.2 million euros., other clubs suffered an average of 20.5 million losses. Betis, for example, lost 38 million last year.

The professional women division represented 2.39 million expenses and 426,484.96 euros in revenue in 2021-22, which means a loss of 1.96 million euros.

Despite presenting red numbers for the second time in a row, Aperribay insisted in his board presentation that “the club is healthy”., argued that it is worth the economic effort so that the first team can aspire to greater success on the field: “We have the ambition to make sportive effort and stress the business account for two reasons. First, we have a generation of players who can go a long way and have to feel like they can because if they don’t, they’re going to leave. All players want to be in Real, but you must help them achieve the sporting goals they seek. And two, the fans. Fans deserve happiness with “outstanding sporting” achievements.

The club is also His net worth is $71.4 million.The club’s equity is 56.6 and its assets and liabilities are 229.2 million.

2022-23 Season

By the way, the budget for this campaign, A revenue of €129 million and expenses of €675,205 are projected to result in a positive result of €128.4, with no increase in the club’s membership fees or half days.. However, after the operations recorded in August, the surplus is expected to be much higher.

Once again, the most important part among them revenue items will be television rights with 63.76 millionrepresents a decrease of more than five million compared to last season.

In the section on expenses, it stands out. Investment in personnel, with 78.66 million – 68.17 of them sports staff. A figure that represents a significant drop compared to last year’s 92.69.

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