Campaign to implement equality measures in companies in Navarre

Campaña para implantar medidas de igualdad en las empresas navarras

this Economic and Business Development Departmentin the execution Navarra Employment Plan 2021 – 2024Navarre will launch an advertising campaign on radio, digital press and social networks from today to raise awareness in companies and encourage approval of equality schemes.

Equality measures agreed with social units and equality plans negotiated are the main tools provided in regulations whose purpose is to prevent or eliminate discrimination in the workplace. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness, encourage and promote the commitment of companies and organizations to equality between women and men, providing a range of benefits for companies and individuals, women and men, as well as complying with a regulatory obligation. who works in them and who their main assets are.

All companies with 50 or more workers on staff must have an equity plan since last 7 March, in accordance with Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March and Royal Decree 901/2020 of 13 October on the de facto equality of men and women.

awareness campaign

The regulations govern not only the requirement that equality plans be negotiated, but also their registration in the Registry of Equality Agreements and Plans (REGCON). In 2022, 104 new plans were registered, of which 83 were from obligatory companies (more than 50 employees) and 21 from non-liable companies. 95 people signed up in 2021 and 28 people in 2020.

Registered in the Navarra register under the employment authority of the Labor Service of the Government of Navarra, these schemes correspond to companies that have only business centers in Navarra in addition to their business centers registered in Navarra. Navarrese companies operating at the national level, i.e. with business centers both within and outside the Foral Community, register their plans in the same register as it is a government register but under the operating jurisdiction of the Headquarters. Working under the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. The regulation also allows company groups to prepare a single equity plan for all or some of the companies that make up the group.

Companies with equity plans had to adapt them to Royal Decree 901/2020 and 902/2020 within a period ending on January 14, 2022, so companies with non-adaptive plans would not have equity plans currently available. In addition to regulating the minimum content of the plan, these decrees also regulate the company’s due diligence and compensation audit.

Company measures and equality plans affect access to business and companies, working conditions, professional career, remuneration, co-responsible reconciliation, balanced representation of men and women or occupational health, and particularly in sexual or gender-based matters. harassment, which must be managed with the principle of equal opportunity and treatment and a gender perspective. The gender perspective means that the differences and characteristics of women and men must be taken into account when designing policies and measures adopted in companies.

All these measures will be implemented through an awareness and communication campaign as agreed with the social units and INAI through the specialized equality commission of the Social Dialogue Council. This agreement included the commitment of economic and social agents to distribute and publicize the campaign among Navarrese companies.

public aid

The Government of Navarra has a variety of tools to assist companies in preparing equity plans. One is the call for grants to run equity and reconciliation projects managed by the Directorate General for Business Policy, International Projection and Labor. Another is assistance in the preparation of initial equality plans managed by the Navarro Institute for Equality / Nafarroako Berdintasunerako Institutua (INAI). Likewise, the Institute provides consultancy services on the establishment of gender equality in the field of companies and organizations and has information and documents on the website

The first aid line is equipped with 175,000 euros and will serve to subsidize both companies and non-profit organizations to carry out gender equality and reconciliation projects. In the first instance, 59,929 Euros of this amount was allocated to the financing of projects for the implementation, development and implementation of methodologies in the field of reconciling or integrating equality, the beneficiary of which is the Navarra Businesswomen and Executives Association (AMEDNA). . Second, 59,280 euros were awarded to projects for the execution of equality-related actions by 10 companies and 4 non-profit organisations.

on his behalf, he Navarro Institute for Equality / Nafarroako Berdintasunerako Institutua (INAI) For companies with 10 to 49 employees, there is an annual call to fund the preparation of the first equity plans prepared in accordance with the legislation. Aids vary between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on the size of the companies. The most important activities are funded, such as training, elaborating the diagnosis or designing measures.

communication campaign

This campaign, which started today on Monday, will be broadcast on radio, digital press and social networks. In addition, informative posters and brochures were designed in cooperation with the Navarra Confederation of Employers and UGT and CCOO unions to be distributed to companies in person and digitally. The Navarra Chamber is also participating in this dissemination effort among companies.

This campaign aims to strengthen companies’ commitment to equality. It likewise reminds that companies with more than 50 employees must have equality plans and that the implementation of equality measures to prevent all forms of discrimination is beneficial for all companies and society in general. Among these are salary registration, access and professional careers, training and awareness actions, prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment or promoting working conditions that make workers’ lives easier to mention.

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