Cehegín will be the Trail’s capital on 3 December with Falcotrail

Cehegín will be the Trail's capital on 3 December with Falcotrail

A rendezvous with sports, nature and the spread of all that heritage that has made the town in the northwest region a Rural Wonder of Spain 2019. It is also an exam that already enjoys great national and international prestige.

Today, Cehegín Mayor Jerónimo Moya, Murcia Region Sports General Manager Francisco Javier Sánchez; Sports Councilor, Quípar Sports Club President José Antonio Zafra, Andrés Aznar and Race Director Jesús Leal Llopis. In addition, Tourism Counselor Alicia del Amor and members of the Government Team, as well as Quípar Sports Club executives and members, were present at the event.

Organized by the Quípar Sports Club and sponsored by the Cehegín City Council and in cooperation with the Athletics Federation, it is a symbolic event of the course, which will consist of 11 Km Promotion, 22 Km Average, 46 km and Ultra. 71 km.

Also, this test continues to promote youth sport with Falquito, where 150 boys and girls aged 3 to 15 are registered.

This big sporting event, which will host participants from 25 different states of Spain and 20 different nationalities such as England, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Portugal, Germany, will be the stage for the Cehegín mountains. Ethiopia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Morocco, Ecuador etc. A total of 250 participants from outside our region.

In the presentation, all the participants emphasized the great importance of this exam and the effort required by the organization, and at the same time, it was pointed out that different aspects of sports were valued with this extraordinary event. effort, solidarity, friendship and as a natural environment, thanks to this test, it spreads to large masses abroad.

Registration is open until Wednesday, November 30, at 20:00. Here we offer you a link to directly log in and formalize your registration:

Race director Jesús Leal Llopis: “Falcotrail is already a national unified test”

“We do not want to exceed the number of participants last year in order to provide the appropriate service”

Let’s talk about Falcotrail 2022. What factor is the test of Cehegín’s legacy the most important being sport, nature and sprawl?

Falcotrail is mainly a sporting event, but hey, we must not forget that it takes place in magnificent environments such as the Sierra del Quipar and the Burete nature and this of course contributes to the spread of this magnificent landscape and natural heritage that it has. Municipality of Cehegin.

How has the test evolved from its first edition to the present?

This is the eleventh edition and it has been consolidated but the start has not been easy. We start with a walking endurance test of about 60 km. It was the 2018 Spanish Championships and with the rise of Trail Running it cemented us as a regional and national benchmark. Currently, our testing consists of 4 modalities: 72km Ultra, 46km Marathon, 22km Average and 11km Promotion.

There are already more than 1,200 registered runners this year… Will the attendance record be broken?

We currently have 1,250 registered runners this year, but we really closed our registrations 15 days ago for promotion and media. We do not want to exceed the approximate figure we currently have, as we are aware that we want to provide an adequate service to the corridor, and also because we have structural and logistical and of course environmental limitations. We won’t break a record because we had almost 1,500 attendees last year, and we believe we need to drop a slightly lower number this year to accommodate enough attendees.

What is the hardest exam?

Undoubtedly the Ultra is the toughest test, even for runners with a very spectacular physical level, which means better physical condition, but we can’t forget that our Marathon is the toughest mountain marathon in all of Spain.

How does the quarry react?

For several editions we have already made a very important commitment to promoting the youngest and youth academy in mountain sports, and we have done this by creating children’s races. This year we will also have 150 to 175 children from Cehegín, the Region of Murcia and even Spain, and we also created a 11km race promotion for beginners three years ago.

The organization of Falcotrail should not be simple…

It really grew over the years and eventually needed a pretty solid organizational structure. Special thanks should be given to the more than 100 cooperating volunteers and the organizing team of about thirty coordinating the different areas, which tries to give and provide the best possible service to the participants from there. Yes, it’s true that what starts out with a much smaller career initially gains interest and needs a structure, if not professional, but very stable and with a great desire to work.

Collaborators and corporate support?

Another important link in the organizational structure of the event are all local or regional collaborators who contributed the grain of sand to make this happen, and we therefore thank them for their help and cooperation. The support we usually get from institutions is important both at the regional level and also from the Autonomous Community, together with the General Directorate of Sports of the Region of Murcia or the Institute of Tourism. Also to the Department of Sports and Tourism and, in particular, to the city council of Cehegín. Without them it would have been nearly impossible to carry out such an event.

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