Discount up to 1.000€!

Discount up to 1.000€!

refresh your tv Sometimes it can be a complex issue. Because we’re not just talking about devices. expensive as a general rule, but also in many Variation. Many different TVs with different features… And it can be difficult to choose the most suitable one!

Don’t worry cause we brought you three options different ones that you may like very much. Tip top levelalso a discount this will allow you to get them at a lower price.

Two LG Smart TVs with big discount

We start with the first model. cheaper You will find it in this selection. It is LG OLED model. 42 inchesIdeal for those with a relatively small space. Of course, the resolution is 4K, because it is the minimum recommended today.

Smart TV LG oled

count with one smart processor having maximum power. It is 4K, has Artificial Intelligence and also Easy going With 100% HDR, HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos formats. To this we must add that as LG has brought webOS as its operating system. This Fastpowerful and very fluid.

This Smart TV PlayThis is a great choice! because you have NVIDIA G-Sync and ultra-low latency to let you enjoy every game to the fullest. even if it’s yours price Usually it’s almost €1,400, currently only €859. So don’t think!

An LG with mini LED: very good!

For those who are a little more demanding, we have this LG Smart TV. 65 inches and with QNED technology Short Leds. You will notice this technology and more. brightness and color accuracy. Also, we should not forget that LED technology is combined with LED technology. NanoCellPlus and in addition, 3,600 mini LEDs that will far exceed perfection.

It’s pretty big, so keep that in mind before you buy it because you’ll need quite a bit of space. owner 4K resolutionand an impressive 120Hz refresh rate that will leave you breathless. won’t happen Play you resist! And, of course, neither the series nor the movie.

To this we must add that it is fully compatible with HDRO10+ and HDR HLG. And with all this Apps you want to download! And with the 32% discount it currently has, you’ll be able to buy it. 1.079€ instead of €1,600 which is usually around.

A Sony TV with a discount of €1,000

And we left this for last Sony Smart TVs Thanks to its 42% discount, it will save you more than 1,000 € on your purchase. Due to its dimensions, it has an ideal size for every piece of furniture. 55 inch. However, you can hang it on the wall if you want.

sony tv

there is a processor Cognitive Processor XR, which can offer yield without equal. As the company itself states, this processor is capable of understanding how people see and hear. And so it offers a completely immersive experience that can make you participate in each scene in a completely different way. This is next to a panel QLED high quality offers an optimum result.

It supports HDR10, HDR HLG and even Dolby Vision. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate that will ensure you never notice lags. And it is compatible with all virtual assistants! It’s yours right now as it’s around €2,600, although the price isn’t usually very affordable. 1.499 €. This is a unique opportunity!

run to Worten and enjoy all these discounts and more. Because Cyber ​​Monday is flying by and it’s the perfect opportunity to save!


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