Driveways through Spain Volume 02: Mountains | News

Driveways through Spain Volume 02: Mountains |  News


After a nice welcome the first article of the saga, Routes Through Spain by Car, We come to the second part today, where we talk about the most beautiful coasts of our beautiful country. In this new entry, we will suggest some best places to visit in the mountains.

The truth is that rural tourism is not very fashionable and cheap lately, because it is a the ideal way to get to know our country from another angle. And if we add the routes by car, the result could not be better.

Explore some of the best driving routes in Spain to get to know the most beautiful valleys and mountains in the country

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the landscape changes and fills with a cooler atmosphere, but it is also very welcoming. Get away from the city, get some fresh air or spend a different day; Whether you are with your family, friends or even alone, you will feel yourself in a fairy-tale landscape for a moment and enjoy nature in its purest form.

Waking up early, getting into your car, and heading towards some of the amazing landscapes our country has to offer is undoubtedly a unique feeling. Therefore, we will mention some of them below. The best mountain roads in Spain by car.

Car routes through Spain: via Valle del Jerte


The first stop we would like to recommend on the driveways through Spain is Extremadura, one of the most beautiful natural areas in Extremadura. Jerte Valley. with an extension of 373 km² that it can cover N-110 road parallel to the river from Tornavacas Port to Plasencia.

There are so many attractions on this route, so many that it is difficult to cover them in a single day. Although the best time to see cherry blossoms is spring, The autumn colors that we can see in the last months of the year are also not far behind.. On the other hand, Garganta de los Infiernos, Los Pilones or Caozo or Calderon Falls Nature Reserve are other highlights on this route.

this honduran port It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful driving routes in Spain. 32 km route with unique views of chestnut and oak forests. you can’t miss Viewpoint of Tornavacas HarborFrom where you can take in the magnificent views ending in the city of Plasencia.

Also, a endless activities surrounded by naturelike canyoning, hiking trails or 4×4 routes. Of course, you can not forget about the local gastronomy, because Valle del Jerte is considered the richest region of Extremadura in terms of typical products.

Route by car through Spain: visiting the Covadonga Lakes


located in the middle Picos de Europa National Park In Asturias, the second of our recommended car routes through Spain, Covadonga Lakes. One of the most beautiful and known places, one of the places where you must go at least once in your life.

Covadonga Lakes references the town of Cangas de Onís and where can we get it? Road to AS-114, then continue to C-04A 14km mountain road is quite narrow in some sections, so be very careful around bends and follow traffic rules.

You should also know that, access by private vehicle is restricted at various times of the yearso we advise you visit websites when planning your trip.

What is there to say about the Covadonga Lakes that hasn’t been said before. First mandatory stop Covadonga Conservation Area, from where we can enjoy the unique view of the place. Although all lakes are magnificent, Enol Lake It is considered the most beautiful and representative of Asturias, and not for the least.

A place where we can practice. lots of activities in both summer and winter. Hiking trails, climbing, bike paths… with a postcard-like landscape. we recommend that you do circular road to lakesbecause it is very simple and you will be able to enjoy Ercina and Enol lakes from different angles.

Routes by car in Spain: exploring Valles Pasiegos de Cantabria


The following route by car via Spain, which we recommend from bp, without leaving the north Cantabrian Valleys Pasiegos. This region is between the valleys and tributaries of the Pas River, Magdalena and Pisueña, and the spring waters of the Miera River.

They Pasiegos Valleysevergreen and full of happy grazing cows, excellent communication with the roadYou still need to be careful about snow in winter. Among them, we can visit numerous charming villages, among which stand out:

  • lierganes
  • San Roque de Riomiera
  • I am Iruz
  • ontaneda
  • Alceda
  • San Pedro de Romeral
  • Pass at Vega
  • hello
  • villacarriedo
  • at the cash register

We recommend it if you want to leave your vehicle parked for a while and feel the soil under your feet. two routes: Churrón de Borleñan and Tunnel de la Engaña. In a word, magnificent. On the other hand, you cannot leave without trying the world-famous desserts of this valley, the famous sobaos and quesada pasiega. We also recommend trying cocido montañés, one of the most typical dishes of Cantabria.

Car routes through Spain: Enjoy the Sierra Norte de Madrid


The last of these 4 driving routes through Spain that we would like to recommend is the one that takes us to Spain. Madrid’s Northern Sierra. Oddly enough, we can also enjoy postcard views in Madrid. declaration Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005The Sierra de Madrid hides beautiful landscapes and a handful of lovely towns.

this The best known route is the route from Patones de Arriba to La Hiruela.: Some of the most beautiful districts of the province, where we will see a great natural diversity in 82 kilometers, stand out:

  • Patones from above
  • hiruela
  • torrelaguna
  • Lozoya Vulture

On the other hand, we recommend you to visit some of the magical places in Sierra Norte de Madrid. Beech forest of Montejo de la Sierra, Somosierra Birch, La Pedriza or Pico de Peñalara. When it comes to gastronomy, it is almost impossible to make a list of all available places. Just make sure you try something good Madrid stew this allows you to get rid of the cold and regain your energy.

We hope this The second edition of routes by car in Spain may be useful to you and that you can count on us to plan your next trip. Of course, we just want to remind you that, network of bp service stations always at your disposal wherever you go, and if you have a My BP card, you can enjoy fuel savings and many more benefits. Save and continue driving routes through Spain, what could go wrong?

At bp we are committed to helping all drivers so they journeys are as comfortable and easy as possible. For this reason, we invite you to visit our website. blog meticulously, as well as share it on social networks so your friends can continue to discover how to get the most out of their getaways. until the next!

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