Growing plan to build tough society at JxC

Growing plan to build tough society at JxC

“For me (Xavier) miley “We can participate in a change, always respecting that we are in different political forces,” the head of PRO said this Sunday. Patricia Bullrich. He did this in a short exchange with the newspaper. ClarionIt has once again sparked internal debate at Together for Change over what to do with the far-right lawmaker, who continues to lead an unprecedented vote leak for the main opposition coalition.

With this statement, the former Minister of Security let’s change He re-enabled open conversation with that voter, and also with Milei, who cast the first stone last week. “I am ready to accept in our field The hard wing of Together for ChangeIf they want interns, we will give them. If they win, we will accompany them,” said the economist last week.

With this message, he once again established the possibility of advancing in the “Avanza Libertad” election conflict with the toughest sector of the PRO, led not only by Bullrich but also by the former president. Mauricio MacriHe has not yet determined whether he will seek re-election next year.

miley He brought up a phrase he had been repeating for at least two months last week, but this time he said it especially since last Wednesday, at a time when the dispute was intensifying in Buenos Aires City. Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Nominated Minister of Health Fernan QuirosAs a way of increasing the distance with the former mayor of Vicente López and the current minister of the Government of Buenos Aires, Jorge MacriIntroduced by Bullrich to deepen his fight with Larreta.

Bullrich seeks State’s Peronist votes

They assure the MP that he does not plan to join the opposition coalition as such, but in MPs Macri never puts aside his coincidences with Bullrich and the vice-president of the Macrista bloc. Gerardo Mill. This time he put that definition in his mouth. He said he would accept an intern with a challenging PRO, but “without the lukewarm, bitter, ineffective, and impoverishing popcorn.”

The sibylline dialogue they maintain bullrich and milei It was done through the media and had a direct impact on the yellow party that the inner circles around Buenos Aires City passed through. This Sunday, Rodríguez Larreta also expanded in the media to intervene in this public conversation that was in full swing. in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia He denied any approach with Milei.

Rodríguez Larreta bans Milei from Together for Change: “He didn’t show any vocations to work together”

“From another party. We have a coalition that won the last election. We got 40 percent of the vote in the last election and we have a very strong support base. We need to keep growing, okay, but first we have to consolidate ourselves,” he said.

“It’s nice to continue to expand, but to expand with people who want to expand, who want to work with us. miley “The mayor of Buenos Aires has not shown any profession to work with until now,” he said.

Near the PRO’s head, they do not soften his discursive attack, but merely make it clear that there is no risk of rupture. While Macrista’s situation is more complicated with Bullrich’s support, they said around him, “Patricia in no way breaks the gap. She thinks it’s about integrating her as part of a strategy.” Jorge Macri.

Some run the risk that approaches that do not develop at the national level could grow in the City of Buenos Aires with an unexpected direction of internal opposition.


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