Having and wanting to rent a pet is a bit of a misfit

4% apartment for rent explicitly allows access to families with Pets (dogs or cats), a decreasing percentage compared to 2021, when the figure was 5%, according to data from Fotocasa.

According to the real estate portal, this figure could be higher if both parties, namely the landlord and the family living with a dog or cat, come to an agreement.

In Spain, the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU), which regulates the rental market, authorizes landlords to accept or not accept animals on their property.

Families with pets face many difficulties in order to rent a house.

The data is known after revealing the alliance between. Affinity Foundation and Fotocasa to “unite efforts to illustrate the challenges affecting families” Pets renting a home and this illustrates some of the barriers that still exist to the complete acceptance of pets in our society”.

According to data from the Affinity Foundation, 44% of households in Spain have a dog or a cat. In this sense, Fotocasa emphasized that “the current restrictions of these families who want to reach the rental housing jeopardize a basic need”.

The real estate portal stated that “the faith continues.” Pets they may impose an additional expense on the landlord due to the damages they will cause in the home”.

However, he pointed out that what worries those looking to rent their property the most are the drawbacks of coexistence, such as possible noise or smell, as in many cases these assumptions appear to be implied to prevent access to the property. housing for families with Pets”.

However, Fotocasa stressed that, according to data from the Barcelona City Council, the average number of complaints received per month is “much lower than before”, due to disturbances caused by dogs in private homes, such as problems caused by barking or poor hygiene of the animal. other causes, such as noise or air pollution caused by groups of citizens”.

Isabel Buil, director of the Affinity Foundation, stated that “people who live with a pet want to bring to light the problems they have when renting a home with all family members, including dogs and parents.” cats, Welcome. We want to be the spokesperson for this problem that affects many people every year and to encourage them to express themselves and to want their attitudes towards society to change.”

Good coexistence between pets and the neighborhood is possible

“Many contracts default to the ‘no animals allowed’ clause and we want to encourage reflection on this issue. living with animal companion It is not synonymous with problems, you just have to follow some basic rules and we believe we have enough knowledge and responsibility to ensure good coexistence today,” added Buil.

“The fact that there are more and more cats and dogs in Spain is not a novelty,” Fotocasa said. In fact, the trend in recent years shows that citizens prefer it more. Pets For this reason, the adoption of animals in rental shelters is becoming more and more necessary. This acceptance will help stabilize the rental market. In this sense, there are clauses in the insurance or contract that provide guarantees and guarantees to the owners in case of damage. In short, it is everyone’s responsibility to achieve a more respectful society. Pets and their families.”

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