Magical statues coming out of the garbage dump

Magical statues coming out of the garbage dump

Daniel Brunner It changes countries with the ease of you and me changing channels. This unclassifiable artist has placed his spear in South Africa, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and now Spain, where it splits between Llucmajor and Marbella to weld magical statues. He is nicknamed the son of interculturalism (his mother is Peruvian and his father is Austrian from his native country). “heavy metal magic man” Given her ability to ‘make beauty out of the dirt’ – quoting Oscar Wilde. He hasn’t opened an exhibition in Mallorca yet, but he knows it’s only a matter of time. Halfway between the futuristic cut and a post-apocalyptic vision, his work is simply and clearly fueled by everything he finds in dumpsters and junkyards.

Recycling is a master. To clear any doubts, take a look at the pictures that show this page, all the statues are the hybrid result of his visits to a junkyard, “I want to have my own junkyard at home in the future”, Brunner slides, the kind of stare and vulgarity endowed with a sensitive soul. Compare with island South Africa“The person I met at least thirty years ago, now a simple nasty stare could cost you your life. The country is mired in unemployment, corruption and drugs. She adores “the warmth, the bays and the kindness and respect of the people” from Mallorca. It is an environment far from being the natural habitat of a creator in the African country where he once served in the military. “I didn’t learn anything from it, it left a bad taste in my mouth, I could never follow the rules.”


His work has a very special line. The artist asserts that “I release the scrap to take the form of bioscrap” and attempts to “capture the movement and the emotion”. He says he goes to junkyards in search of raw materials, which he pays “by weight, depending on the metal you choose.” we ask him recycling materials you feel like you are contributing to a more sustainable planet. “Not really, I need wasted tools too, but I see the beauty that can be made from things that will eventually be recycled and reused. So why not make something original, unique with it,” he elaborates.

Brunner summarizes his creative process from his own story. immersion in metal scrap in search of inspiration until the ideas take shape. He calls this process “going for gold.” He pays particular attention to curvilinear “organic-looking” objects that anything in front of him can transform into biosimilarity. A disturbing answer that hints at a grim dystopian future. While he may also be involved in more “spiritual” affairs, the truth is that the “sinister” aspect is fixed in his affairs.

release the emotions

He assures that working with heavy materials “freed my senses, that I started welding and felt like I was charging inside.” It is undoubtedly a refreshing feeling as well as vital and positive, especially after going through a period where she stumbled between different jobs and admitted she felt so lost. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I was at a stalemate. barren darkness that got me astray.” Finally, he reaped excellent returns from that unfortunate memory period, and that “depression is also a great creator.”

He hopes to “travel the world” in the future. move my art», “I don’t like to plan what I’m doing”, but he admits. Finally, a piece of advice: “Buy my art now, while it’s still affordable. Investing in art is investing in the future,” he says, going back and forth between laughter.

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