Mojácar to host the Spanish pétanque championship for people with intellectual disabilities

Mojácar to host the Spanish pétanque championship for people with intellectual disabilities

The XXII edition of the Spanish Petanque Championship for the Mentally Handicapped will be held in Mojácar from December 2-4 with over 400 participants from different parts of the country, including athletes, technicians and the public.

Moisés Ruiz de Diputación hosted the presentation of the championship with the support of the Sports Pavilion, the Provincial Authority, the Mojácar City Hall and the Junta de Andalucía.

The competition will be held at the Mojácar Petanque Club premises and its main purpose is to promote sport as a way of social integration and instill healthy habits in participants through sport practice.

In this way, the event supports a sedentary lifestyle and the fight against social exclusion, thereby supporting the quality of life of the population in general and people with disabilities in particular, and promoting access to sport with equal conditions and opportunities.

Provincial deputy Francisco Álvarez confirmed that the “Provincial Assembly of Almería” will always stand by these events, lending their cooperation to continue promoting sport, the integration of people with disabilities, and of course be close to all these actions or events. municipalities benefit because in this way we also contribute to the fight against depopulation”.

Tourism, Culture and Sports Delegate José Ángel Vélez said, “You will teach us a new lesson in life from the Los Carriles Foundation.”

“Beyond the outcome of this championship, what really matters is the day-to-day transfer of the values ​​that both you and San Marcos Los Carriles Sports Club have taught us.”

With this competition, the importance of values ​​such as “sportsmanship, commitment, comradeship, effort and the desire to excel” is discussed, as Vélez stated.

The delegate thanked everyone for making participation in sports a reality and once again showing that equality is a right and also a duty.”

Mojácar City Council Sports Councilor Francisco García recalled that Mojácar is “known for its 17 km of coastline with crystal clear waters, spectacular views that you can enjoy from the perspectives of our old town or our magical streets.” Surrounded by white houses*, we have made our municipality a cornerstone for inclusion, with initiatives similar to the ones we present here today.”

“We can assume that Almería has an adapted sports club, which was a pioneer in the establishment of the Spanish Federation of Sports for the Disabled,” said José Antonio Antolín, director of CD Los Carriles and the Los Carriles Foundation.

“The province of Almería has a sports technician adapted from Diputación, who promotes sport at the provincial level in different ways. It is not available in all states and communities, and we can assume that people with disabilities live what they deserve” , moved

Finally, Ana Lucía Pérez from the Spanish Mentally Handicapped Sports Federation FADDI Board of Directors thanked all participating institutions and companies, clubs and associations who contributed to the realization of this initiative.

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