Pablo Motos, what’s going on?

Pablo Motos, what's going on?

Paul Motorcycles It has been the focus of discussion for the past week. ‘s new campaign Ministry of Equality for 25-NThe International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women continues to gather water. The spot points to a few macho acts of popular men in Spain, Pablo Motos or streamer xocas Then remember that in Spain one out of every two women suffered in some way. sexist violence throughout his life. And he ends by saying, “If you’re not going to do anything to stop it, #Who Next?”

Discussing with the presenter anthill came out after a clear and direct reference to a moment in the ministry video. Interview with Elsa Pataky In 2016, she took part in the Antena 3 program. busy time, the controversial campaign did not wait. The host apologized to viewers for using the space “for personal things” and expressed anger at the accusations against him: “They spent a million euros calling me sexist,” he complained.

“I asked this question to Elsa Pataky, who came to present a lingerie campaign in 2016. I don’t play slimy like the actor in the ad, he’s not bothered either. this Ministry of Equality is lyingLet’s see all the times I’ve asked men the same question,” said the host, accompanied by some of her crew and collaborators, including Tamara Falcó and Nuria Roca.

However, the audience did not find the presenter’s speech completely convincing and decided to go to the newspaper library. users social networks and the file was responsible for removing colors from Motos and reminding him that it wasn’t entirely correct. Twitter is full video compilations that the host uses sexist comments on TV for no reason. There was such a commotion The producer of the program removed the videos one by one. who was cited. In fact, one of the users compiled more than a dozen moments where Motos used macho words. busy timethus showing that this is not an isolated case.

So much so that even some of those involved wanted to join the wave of criticism. One of the most critical became a singer virginia teacherwinning Operation Victory 2008He denounced the “sexist, violent, disturbing, seedy, embarrassing and very unfortunate moment” on Twitter. anthill When he went to promote his album Labuat in 2009. In the middle of an interview, Motos decided to ask her about her dress, a comment that caused the guest to reposition her collar: “I don’t know whether it’s better to cover yourself or let go,” the host later reacted.

Reactions of politicians, journalists and people from the world of culture were added to the collection, which was attended by many users. Many were also stunned by the businessman’s inadequate self-criticism. this rapper He was one of those who expressed his surprise at a concert with a rhyme depicting those who justify themselves with “buts” to hide their machismo, racism or homophobia.

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