Parque Patricios comes alive and grows with an enticing gastronomic offering

Parque Patricios comes alive and grows with an enticing gastronomic offering

The first was the creation of the Technology Zone in 2008 and the arrival of different companies in the technology sector from there; followed by the opening of the Parque Patricios station in 2011. Four years later, in 2015, the Buenos Aires government inaugurated its headquarters. In short, it was about Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena and the urban changes in the Club Atlético Huracán neighborhood that transformed their idyllic daily life into a permanent commute of people—especially young people—and changed their lives forever. .

Now and after these changes, everything indicates that the time of gastronomy has come. In addition to the historic bars, restaurants and pizzerias in the area, specialty eateries have been added, positioning the neighborhood as a true gastronomic center south of Buenos Aires.

These include: Il Ombu; Still life El Globito and Sangiovese Mercato. Moreover, amusement gardenand Cotorro grocery storeone of the first still lifes to set foot in the region.

Fine dining club. At 2976 Patagones Street is Il Ombú, a typical Italian trattoria where the quality, convenience and presentation of its food has nothing to envy and differentiate restaurants from Puerto Madero. In these you can see the hand of the former chefs of Marcelo Ristorante and Piégari, and the professionalism of the waiters and sommeliers when it comes to serving customers. The menu, which includes pasta, risotto, on-site meat, seafood, fish and desserts, is accompanied by a full wine list from the country’s best wineries.

“A year and a half ago, in the middle of a pandemic, we opened it by selling takeaways. We chose this neighborhood because of the growth that has occurred since the arrival of the Buenos Aires government and companies. We loved the challenge and we wouldn’t hesitate”, confirmed Daniel Pérez, one of the venue’s partners.

“There wasn’t a restaurant in the neighborhood of this level where you could taste delicious food and at the same time enjoy a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. “Although we have a corporate audience at lunchtime, 95% of nighttime customers are families from the neighborhood and other parts of the city,” he added.

A large painting depicting the embrace of Juan Domingo Perón and Ricardo Balbín dominates the decoration of the place and does not go unnoticed. “This is our introduction letter. It is a symbol for Argentines. Customers from all ideologies come here, no crack is worth it”, Pérez concluded.

Bodegón El Globito has been operating at Club Huracán headquarters at Caseros 3159 for about four months. The direct descendant of the classic El Globito pizzeria, which opened its doors in the 1930s and made pan pizza its specialty.

The bodegonero menu is characterized by affordable prices, plentiful dishes, ideal for sharing and highly recommended bodegonero dessert menu. Applause goes to the stuffed milanesas, grilled meats, and stuffed potato tortillas. Ham and cheese-stuffed sorrentinos aren’t far behind, either. Among the desserts, mixed pies, chocorta and classic cheese and dessert stand out.

As if it were a corner of Italy in the heart of Parque Patricios, Sangiovese Mercato stands as a viable alternative when it comes to tasting typical dishes of that country, paired with wines from small national wineries.

Sommelier Sebastián Carrizo and chef Marcelo Moncalvo are at the helm of this gastronomic project, which opened its doors in an almost artisanal fashion in February 2019, attracting neighbors and frequent customers. “It was born as a market for the sale of pasta, sausage, cheese, and wine, but has evolved into a small restaurant with a few tables on the sidewalk, almost a garage venture,” Carrizo said. Il Ballo. del Mattone, Il Gran Caruso and La Strada.

Among the Mercato dishes, tricolor gnocchi stands out; ravioli di ossobuco; pink salmon bruschettas, burrata, nero di seppia, sorrentinos di prosciutto and formaggio; caramel quartet. Among the desserts, tiramisu is also appreciated by those who come to the place.

The layout of the room and the music specially selected by Sebastián (Italian and Argentine artists from the 60s and 70s) make the stay even more enjoyable. Calle 24 de Noviembre 2183 is near the corner of Rondeau.

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