Presented at the 27th Festival de Jerez

Presented at the 27th Festival de Jerez

It will run from February 24 to March 11, 2023, making up the program of 46 shows, 13 of which are world premieres.

La Flamenca Magazine 28.11.2022

Jerez de la Frontera presented what will happen XXVIIº edition of the Fabulous Flamenco Festivalor, in the words of the mayor, a contest, mamen sanchezIt has become a “global and integrative event” and presents a program that maps flamenco until 2023.

Like this Sherry Festival to be made between February 24 and March 11, 2023and will consist of: 46 showsthe one which… 13 are absolute premieres. As always, her artistic program will focus heavily on dance, but she will not neglect to incorporate traditional singing and guitar loops into different scenes.

This was reported at the presentation ceremony of the competition, chaired by the mayor of Jerez. Mamen Sanchez, accompanied by Arturo BernalJunta de Andalucía Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports; Anthony Gonzalez, Diputación de Cádiz Provincial Deputy for Culture; and isamay benavent, the director of the competition; as well as representatives of collaborating institutions and companies.

Regarding the artistic content of the next edition, Mamen Sanchez influenced the idea that it was presented. “a large and qualified sample” From the reality of flamenco. This is reflected in 46 shows, 13 of which have world premieres, and 2 to be seen for the first time in Andalusia. In addition to all these, a wide range of 40 courses and workshops with 81% occupancy at nearly 1,000 locations offered.

And according to what is conveyed in this act of presentation, XXVII Festival de Jerez will bring together wonderful references of flamenco dance on stage. María Pagés, Eva Yerbabuena, Israel Galván, Patricia Guerrero, Rafaela Carrasco, Olga Pericet, Marco Flores, Spanish National Ballet, Gema, María del Mar Moreno, Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”, Soraya Clavijo, Shoji Kojima, And a long etc. As for the guitar, we will be able to enjoy José Luis Montón, Manuel Valencia, Tino van der Sman… among others. without forgetting the cante Vicente Soto “Sordera”, Esperanza Fernández, Pepe de Pura or La Macanita. There is no doubt that we enjoy an extensive program blending tradition and innovation.

Thus, backing the words of the first municipal official in Jerez, we are faced with a “Festival of designated origin” that functions as “a meeting place” and “designed for everyone to feel like themselves, to have fun”. as a personal and collective experience that values “A culture with an innate capacity to create from the inexhaustible source of roots”.

The mayor pointed to unification as a new stage among the innovations brought by this XXVII festival. St James’s ChurchUnder the premise of “occupying” to explore the “city” in another way, with another perspective, it is a symbolic place linked to our historical heritage.

It also developed some activities to be included in the so-called “supplementary activities” of the sample. And finally, he stated that Festival de Jerez will remember the figure of the photographer, how it could have been otherwise. javier fergohe passed away recently, through an exhibition on his work related to the competition.

The Festival and Jerez form an “inseparable duo” that “takes flamenco to an international dimension and provides the city with a valuable platform for promotion abroad”.

On the other hand, another factor that was valued during the presentation ceremony was the institutional support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports through İnaem. In addition to being financial, in programming Spanish National Balletwith the show “Mad”.

It’s Arturo’s turn to speak, and we continue with the most corporate part of the competition. BernalJunta de Andalusian Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports stated that 2023 will be “the year of culture, but, especially flamenco”. He also underlined that Festival de Jerez has “many aspects” apart from its arts, and that it has “built a strong brand in the world” as reflected in its course and workshop registration data over the years.

In this context, he concluded his speech by saying that “our most universal art does not need translation and flamenco is clearly identified in the imagination of the people and is immediately associated with Andalusia and of course Jerez”. “The great value of Flamenco is that it can penetrate thousands of people around the world” and of course Jerez is in that limelight as the “main route” for this artistic manifestation.

Of course, we cannot pass without mentioning that Arturo Bernal’s designation of 2023 as the year of flamenco is also due to the regional government’s plans to approve it. Flamenco Law. It also announced that a little more than 5 million will be allocated, taking into account future budgets. Flamenco Museum It will be based in Jerez.

Isamay, for his part BenaventThe director of the event informed that the advertising poster for the next edition was designed by him. Daniel DiosdadoAnd that’s it “respect to the trainees. People who come without knowing in advance what the show schedule is”.

Benavente concluded his speech by describing the next event as “an inclusive, rooted and diverse Festival”, in short, a “culture” exhibition and a festival that allows “enjoying the city”. “We wanted to map the current flamenco, present the flamenco ecosystem in all its aspects”.


Tickets for the XXVII Festival de Jerez will be on sale from 29 November. For more information on programs and the formula for obtaining locations, refer to: here.

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