Red Familia: Cutting baby’s throat at birth could be legal in Mexico

Red Familia: Cutting baby's throat at birth could be legal in Mexico

Cutting a baby’s throat at birth could soon be legal in Mexico Warns National Director Mario Romo Family Network.

He explained House of Representatives ready to discuss Reform package to 27 articles of the Mexican Constitution for enforce mandatory gender equality quotas in schools and companies, influencing freedom of expression and general abortion from what they said sexual and reproductive rights.

Reforms include: partial birth abortionanyone partial birth abortion, which allows the child to be killed by slitting his throat As it is currently in New York, at the time of birth in the ninth month of pregnancy, she explained In private conversation with Mario Romo chronic.

He said this series of ventures was originally nicknamed. “Megalodon” by the number of initiatives it integratespresented from The LXIV Legislature was passed by the then deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo; from the current The LXV Legislature was retaken with great force by Aleida Alavez Ruiz of Morena and Rubén Moreira of the PRI.

What is the constitutional amendment initiative package in the House of Representatives?it is asked.

what they want to do Change different articles of the Constitution to promote something they call gender equality It doesn’t sound bad from the beginning, because there can be equality between women and men, we totally agree on that, he explained.

“The problem is, it doesn’t mean that; gender equality means mandatory quotas in both public and private fields, including companies and autonomous universitiesso they have representatives of different gender expressions on their councils and boards”, he elaborates.

Remember, it says, Gender is no longer just male and female; are now understood as all these self-perceptions.More than 160, according to the UN.

“Imagine if they forced the Editorial Board. chronic have a representative of each of their gender performances and They want to do this at the constitutional level so that there is no way to protect you.or claim sensible things like this in a company a person is invited to a council because of capacity, not because of quotas or gender identity”, explains Mario Romo.

This is the first and would hurt the freedom of association in companiesMoreover will affect autonomy in universitiesand any other entity.

actually a social experiment, because no constitution in the world has the gender perspective mainstreamed, until now; In Mexico, Megalodon has long been delayed, but political-electoral alliances could lead to voting and approval in the days leading up to Christmas.

the project involves various risks to human rights existing laws and regulations by trying to mainstream a concept called Gender identity and the “sexual and reproductive rights” that abortion imposes across the country At any stage and condition in the United States, including the period up to the ninth month of pregnancy “partial abortion” (partial-birth abortion allows the child to be killed by slitting the throat at birth, as is currently the case in New York).

partial birth abortion is to allow the body to be removed before the baby is even born, because legally a human is presumed to be born with the head removed, the baby is removed from the bottom, the head is left in the mother’s womb, and They cut his throat like a bull when he was 9 months old., this is a partial abortion; it’s already being implemented in New York and it’s something they want to push here, the same agenda”, explained Mario Romo.

In this way, he warned, they talk about everyone’s sexual and reproductive rights, that minors can have abortions at any age.but also a baby can be aborted at any stage and situation.

According to the Undersecretariat of Higher Secondary Education, A thousand babies are born to mothers under the age of 18 every day in Mexico, according to the Ministry of Public Education (SEP).and it currently constitutes the second reason for school dropout.

The National Director of Red Familia points out that there is another of the serious risks of concepts including: sexual and reproductive rights are that they do not set an age limit because they speak of “every human being”.supporting pedophiles and child pornographers.

Romo provides details for some gestures found. In the Netherlands and other countries, pedophilia is a valid sexual orientation.leaving the term that way in the Constitution, they “open the door to these movements for the enactment of secondary laws in a very short time. legalize the sexual exploitation of minors by pedophilesand that seems very serious to us”.

Freedom of expression

On the other hand, they want to punish themselves so that no one expresses themselves with any gender stereotypes which one attack on freedom of expression.

It is known that the gender stereotype is a set of ideas used to explain the behavior of both men and women, how they should behave and the roles they should play at work, in the family and in the public sphere, and how they should relate to each other. other. each one

at what moment The state wants to start telling people what to say and what not to say in a criminal way.we are already entering fascist statewhere he told you that Free expression of ideas is punished and they tell you how to speak or not to speak.It exposes Mario Romo.

As a legislative strategy, Megalodón and its 27 reforms to the same number of constitutional articles (25 percent of the Constitution), It is divided into 4 initiative packages to facilitate discussion and approval.

To say that anyone has sexual and reproductive rights is a confusing and risky term because it covers a 0-year-old baby to a 99-year-old adult.

Does this make sense? This agenda is a hoax of an international movement, not just something that comes from Mexico, they are part of this ideology. “At least to go against ourselves on camera, talk to lawmakers to make up their minds, and denounce it publicly,” Mario Romo denounced.

Against Parents

Is there a bill in the Senate to remove parental power from parents?

Yes, it’s about imposing that a father can no longer say anything to his son that violates, undermines, or insults his gender do so would violate the Law because he wanted his son’s well-being, and You may end up in jail.

we are talking about take away parents’ right to educationdo not introduce false content to children in the early stages, as this Law will also require constitutional reforms. They would force the state to bring what they called “non-stereotypical scientific education” to children.what’s this? promote gender ideology at younger ages than in schools.

They will teach a six-year-old boy who does not yet have the psycho-pedagogical capacity what transsexualism is and present it to him before the Father or Mother of the Family learns.

Children and teenagers cannot drink or smoke before the age of 21, but can they choose their gender?

“True, schizophrenic and arrogant to say the least because that’s what these people think, but Convincing them that they have the power to force all of us to think the way they think, no matter how MPs are.“, Explain.

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