Sports planning, coaches college without legal existence

Sports planning, coaches college without legal existence

A we see that the achievements of performance and sporting achievements are intertwined in planning (with resources), obviously concretization was planned as a specific activity, the project was planned, its fulfillment depends on several factors, variables, post-mediation precisely where we can visualize it before, the real life of the procedural path.

A the didactic effect, the aim pursued by the actor in this column, I should clarify that far from sports planning to sports education planning, we are answered as intertwined, “together but not mixed”.. All right, I’m starting the scene. I will divide this installment into two parts. 1.- Planning the activities of a regional sports organization (PAEDR), i.e. a sports association, annual macro project, 2. Planning the applicable training, this is two-stage (group or individual), corresponding to the technical requirements commission, to the responsible coaches according to the discipline or fields

of the preface, with follow-up reading of work plans, events presented by colleagues from incomment activity, bad carbon copies, repetition of plans, only changing dates, don’t do before, after competition, temporality . Laziness, with a lack of creativity and initiative, turns into very serious deliberate material errors.

Inside For example, what does associative sports planning consist of? Sports planning should begin with the analysis of spokesperson structure, annual result, achievements, activities, goals achieved and left to be done, impacts, resources, college responsibility. In other words, university critical analysis should not be done by a single person.

this Planned directions must be developed, the purpose of the planning as detailed, carried out without improvisation, otherwise there will be no planning. The accumulated experience as a result is extremely important for the immediate or near future. It is important to highlight the plan in the observation section because

Another demonstrative value in planning, communication between the board members of the enterprise, meetings, mass assemblies, decentralization, personalized detachments, trust, incentive to all members of the idea, if we make patented personnel we will not screw up, be very careful in this industry with this polluting factor

IT Based on the maximum accumulated experience, it is more advisable to make distribution planning more geographically flexible. It is an element harmful to the massification and legitimization of the ropes, mafias, infiltrated hearts, toderos and self-sufficiency in the leadership structure.

this more eloquent generic nameless damage involving sports planning is the misapplication of carbon copies, it is this irresponsibility that judges the capacity of each, forget this bad habit friends, colleagues

Surrender The management report of the accounts are necessary and valid binding values ​​in terms of reliability, ethics and morals. Consider these elements when planning

Educational planning consists of trying to perform a logical set of tasks to achieve the intended goals. One of the steps is to analyze previous work and achievements, set new goals, and determine the amount and type of work.

One of the indispensable rules is that the trainings are divided into periods according to time.

Sports training planning consists of trying to perform a logical set of tasks to achieve the desired goals. To achieve success, you must do a thorough analysis with comprehensive information to plan a good training and achieve the expected results.

It is essential to take into account the type of sport, its trainer, its characteristics, the training level and availability of the athlete, and the available materials and facilities in the creation of the right guidelines in the sports planning of a training. However, there are a few common steps:

The first thing to do is to analyze the athlete’s previous training and the results previously achieved with it, which allows to determine the conditions of the athlete and evaluate his activity. It is also important to define the goals to be achieved, which should be ambitious, achievable and applicable for the athlete.

Determining the amount and type of workload to achieve your goals is the next important step when planning a workout. Loads are exercises, repetitions, sequences, and their ultimate goal is to achieve a super compensation that allows the athlete to progress through the training process.

There are some factors that determine the load that the athlete will carry; their experience with training processes, their chronological age, their long-term sport planning goals, or the training stage the athlete is in, among others.

The next thing is to choose the ideal training tools and methods for the athlete to achieve these goals. Another very important point is to divide training into periods of one week (micro cycles), one month (meso cycles) or one year (macro cycles). Secondly, it should end with a rest period (active rest) in order to physically and psychologically heal the body and be ready to face the next period of load.

At the end of the competition period, it is important to compare the goals set at the beginning of sports planning with the results achieved, to correct any deviations or errors from the training program. After that, there is a period of active recreational activities.

Ours The legendary and historic Venezuelan College of Sports Instructors (CEDV) has legally come to an end after those who negotiated to release us into the streets socially and with no protection sealed their outstanding achievements in various aspects of the national sport. the union struggle and the achievements unearthed by Carlos Sánchez, who has always been a leader.

this Last week there was a false intent to hide the legal-administrative reality of CEDV, TSJ took refuge in an AD HOC figure without making a decision, declared a petition or an anonymous injunction because it is out of place. mistakenly requested.

they fakedThree members from the state of Miranda and a lawyer self-determine the legitimate character to most seriously assemble, represent, and use the logo of the non-existent college of coaches, giving empty and silly instructions that they believe only group us together. country confirms the negligence of the head of the IND, as they do not have the legality or legitimacy to appeal to any precedent. CEDV does not have the basic element in common.

I know The gap is over, we are all communicators, but not all of us are social communicators. I am not afraid or offended by the truth. We will read it next time, God help us

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