The best thing we’ve ever done

The best thing we've ever done

animal feed brand have of the cooperative cotechnical its presented New Series natural dry food authorThey bet on fresh meat, natural ingredients and the latest technology, using all their experience to offer cats and dogs the highest quality. They say “it’s the best thing we’ve ever done”.

And they defend it within themselves. more than forty years has worked to improve the well-being, health and happiness of cats and dogs. “Seeing our pets healthy and happy has been our true obsession and illusion,” they say of the cooperative.

Recalling their careers, they emphasize that they are. pioneers in the inclusion of fresh meat He showed a strong commitment to the elaboration of his recipes and to ‘grain-free’ foods at the time. Likewise they one of the first to step into natural food and develops all of its recipes with natural ingredients at very high rates.

“Today, the fruit of all accumulated experience“From the technological advances incorporated and our concern for lasting improvement, we are able to offer the most advanced dry food for the best nutrition of dogs and cats.”


“Like cats and dogs are of carnivorous origin and for the proper development and maintenance of their organisms they need a diet rich in proteins of animal origin. “Fresh meats provide the proteins of the highest biological value, as they contain all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper development and functioning of canine and feline organisms.”

Therefore, for each recipe best fresh meat and fishto ensure the highest nutritional quality, a high degree of digestibility “or the same, the best use of nutrients, as well as a unique taste and appetizing”.

With this in mind, the main ingredient in Ownat Author products is always fresh meat or fish, and 60% is abundant. “This high contribution of fresh meat and fish, 70% to 85% of total protein is of animal origin and only fresh meat” and point out that meat flour is not used in this range.

“The vast majority of pets are fed dry extruded products and practically all of these croquettes are made from meat flour. (also called cured meats), so it is the most common source of protein for their diet,” they explain.

However, they explain that the high temperature and pressure processes used in the preparation of these meat dishes create these proteins. losing some of their original nutritional value.

“In terms of nutrition, we’re probably talking about the right products in general. In terms of food safety, we can say ‘safe’ products. However, we do not use it in Ownat Author any pre-processed meat (flours) are completely replaced with fresh meats to ensure that all their natural freshness and all original nutritional values ​​are intact until the right cooking moment, thus guaranteeing an easier to digest, exceptional nutritional quality and a unique food. they emphasize “taste”.


dir-dir bet on natural materials is another strength of the range. “At Ownat, we believe that the foundation of the health and well-being of pets begins with a real diet. That’s why we prepare our delicious recipes with carefully selected, high-quality, fresh and natural ingredients with all nutritional values ​​intact,” they say.

And this is remember they are a co-op located in an “extraordinarily rich” area In agriculture and livestock resources (Lleida’s apartment). “This allows us to have the majority of these key ingredients (meat, vegetables, grains, fruit) locally, fresh and of unmatched quality, thanks to our commitment to nearby suppliers,” they add.

In addition, none of its preparations contain preservatives, dyes or artificial additives those that do not provide nutritional or functional value to the product.

we are transparent: We always detail the composition of our recipes by describing all the ingredients used and clearly and clearly emphasizing which of them are natural. With complete credibility and transparency”, they underline.

They also pay special attention to content from Ownat. super foods of your brand. “We are also incorporating superfoods. turmeric, blueberry, goji berriesDigestive properties, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids etc.


This composition, loaded with natural ingredients, is obtained thanks to the technology of the cooperative. “Our star recipes wouldn’t be possible without the proper technology to enable us to obtain them. just a croquette starting from fresh meatwithout meat meal, whole peas, potatoes, fresh apples, etc. together with other ingredients of natural origin, such as … and thus a food is obtained in which almost all the ingredients are of natural origin.”

They argue that this is “only possible”. using the latest technology “However, we include high proportions of fresh meat directly without breaking the cold chain,” they explain.

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is, more natural cooking, with a larger amount of steam, to preserve the original nutritional qualities of the ingredients as much as possible. “Our technology determines the exact cooking point so that the carbohydrates can be properly processed by the animal’s digestive enzymes,” they detail.

“only today Few companies in Europe have this technology and the ability to combine in a dry pet food recipe: natural ingredients, without a very high percentage of fresh meat and meat meal. We are one of them,” they confirm.


The Author line consists of a reduced offering to meet most needs and interests, and includes “grain free” and other “low grain” products for dogs and cats “as we know the multiple preferences of the market”. “A range for the most demanding owners who seek only the best for their pets: maximum naturalness, super healthy”, they emphasize.

In this way, the product range for dogs consists of: Young Fresh Chicken, fresh duck and chicken, Fresh Lamb and Pork Y fresh cock and for one of the cats sterilized fresh Chicken Y Fresh Oily Fish and Poultry.

Young Fresh Chicken for dogs It is a particularly easy recipe to digest due to its high content of chicken (60%), which is always fresh alongside ginger, as they remember that good digestion is key to their development in the first months. With high energy and protein contribution Indicated for puppies From weaning to the end of its growth, it is supplemented with goji berries, which is a natural source of antioxidants, and ginger, which has digestive and carminative properties.

On his behalf also dogs, fresh duck and chicken It contains a high percentage (60% in total) of fresh duck and chicken meat mixture. This “makes it irresistible while providing the highest quality nutrition.” Supplemented with goji berries and devil’s claw to aid the inflammatory response.

Similar Fresh Lamb and Porkanother diet for dogsContains a high percentage (60%) of only fresh lamb and pork, giving it “extraordinary appetite, high digestibility and the highest nutritional quality”. Also contains ginger and devil’s claw.

Last option for dogs fresh cockIt provides protein with high nutritional value and high energy, made from 60% fresh poultry meat. This diet is fortified with chia seeds, a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, and turmeric, which has digestive properties and aids the inflammatory response.

When it comes to felines, the Author series offers: sterilized fresh Chicken for neutered cats, with special nutritional requirements. The recipe is made with 60% fresh chicken to provide the highest quality and digestible proteins and a moderate calorie content to prevent weight gain. It is complemented by ginger and chia seeds.

Finally, Fresh Oily Fish and Poultry for cats It’s a “delicious combination” of fresh bluefish (25%), fresh chicken (25%) and fresh duck (10%), “making it irresistible for the most demanding palates.” This option contains goji berries, ginger, and devil’s claw to aid the inflammatory response.


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