The new role of HİS (Chief Legal Officer) in organizations

The new role of HİS (Chief Legal Officer) in organizations

Juan Carlos Guevara Larrahondo

Professor of Organizational Design and Strategy

Faculty of Law, Expertise in Business and Commercial Law

The increasingly frequent and dynamic processes of internationalization of companies, the digitalization of administrative processes, technological disruption and generational changes in the composition of boards have led to sudden changes, but at the same time fundamental changes have occurred in the way organizations design. structures and to take on these challenges for the future. Who but the lawyer is called upon to design and accompany the way organizations themselves have to face these challenges. The graduate education of those who decide to follow the course of their professional life in the field of legal science must change from being a simple legal adviser to becoming a CLO (Chief Legal Officer).

“C” categories in organizations are typical for large multinational and multinational companies that operate in many countries today and have achieved high levels of diversity. In Colombia, it is common to talk about the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company or the COO (Chief Operating Director) of one or another technology company located in our country. All these positions are part of the Corporate Governance Team (corporate team) and are the people who make decisions on corporate, administrative and strategic issues together with the CEO. The senior executive in legal matters is no exception, so it is more than necessary to familiarize ourselves with the figure of the CLO who must have interdisciplinary knowledge to align with their senior colleagues. enables him to participate in numerous decisions at the highest level. It is one of the clear distinguishing elements and producers of the added value bestowed by the European Union. Expertise in Business and Commercial Lawin addition to his solid training in ethics and the leadership of his future graduates.

this Expertise in Business and Commercial Law between Faculty of Law between University of Rosario It is committed to the comprehensive training of professionals with a vision for the future and accepts lawyers and other sciences who need in-depth knowledge of how organizations work to achieve business success and how management decisions are made aimed at local and global expansion. . Globalization and the free market have highlighted the need for organizations to propose expansion mechanisms that are much more affordable and strategically successful; It is not enough to talk about country entry modes. partnershipminority participation or franchise mode, but understanding and establishing how these legal actions and businesses work and how they affect existing organizational structures.

CLOs should support organizational structures that support horizontal and flexible relationships, given the need to adequately respond to today’s changing and unstable environments. This is where the counselor’s knowledge goes beyond promoting and protecting the interests of shareholders and diverse interest groups and accompanies senior management with their ethical, cognitive and behavioral skills in building fair and inclusive societies.

Today, most administrative processes are outsourced and digitized as a result of the emergence of innovative business models unique to collaborative economies such as Uber, Rappi and Laika, among others. This new reality highlights the need for highly knowledgeable legal professionals in areas such as: legal technology and blockchain. Having a detailed knowledge of these new fields of knowledge at the business level goes beyond innovation to the point of being able to identify the pros and cons of these mechanisms with the precision of a surgeon. the health of the patient at risk, the life cycles of organizations and their own sustainability. Without seeing technology and industry 4.0 as unfavorable or insensitive, we shouldn’t be fooled by anything that looks financially attractive or suggests short-term above-average profits.

What is the distinguishing feature? Expertise in Business and Commercial Law between Faculty of LawTo address the direction and management of law in the organizational world, integrating administrative and legal sciences? Basically, to provide management tools to all participants and to promote the development of conceptual skills specific to strategic thinking, based on ethics and social responsibility, by working directly on all subject content in companies of interest to future experts. From a purely pragmatic perspective, graduates are in a position to answer a fundamental question for business sustainability: What would you do as the person in charge of legal direction and management?

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