Tudela supporters’ club condemns the lack of attention to the club on its 25th anniversary

Real Sociedad: la peña de Tudela denuncia la poca atención del club en su 25 aniversario

It is not the first time that txuri-urdin fans express and criticize La Real for not showing them the attention they deserve.. Have Jokin Aperribay When he received first-person complaints after a game, he had to show his face in southcourts and always promised to improve a link that was far and long from what it looked like still demanded. for real fans

This is in 2022, PEÑA REAL TUDELA COMMUNITY we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

For this, we have prepared a program of various events that will serve to examine the promotional purpose in depth. Real and values Tudela and Navarre Riverside. Thus, we have had the pleasure of trusting them throughout this year. Tudela with the existence of legends such as Luis Miguel Arconada, Roberto López Ufarte, Alberto Gorriz or Xabi PrietoIn addition to other special names from around our club, such as players Oscar Terol or Real’s official cartoonist Mikel Soro Marrazketabaramong others.

Despite the success achieved, we have to show our displeasure at the situation. REAL SOCIETYDespite our repeated requests for cooperation, it remained out of this cycle of activity.

For this reason, from PEÑA REAL TUDELA COMMUNITY We offer the following:

1- We got in touch real society in August 2021 to announce that we will be celebrating throughout 2022. 25th anniversary and ask for your cooperation. His response was that players’ presence at social events was suspended until September 2022 due to the pandemic. In August 2022, one month after this rule expired, we wrote to Real again to ask for help.. His answer was again negative. Upon our insistence, on November 15, we received the final response stating that the regulations of the TAF are valid. Real takes the players “They will not leave the province of Guipúzcoa for any action.”

two- we are deeply disappointed with his attitude Real our right Mourningwho have always worked to promote the values ​​of our club, Tudela and in the rest River bank. Here are some values ​​that we can see reflected in the guests accompanying us.

3- La Real has an extraordinary legacy in their supporters outside of Guipúzcoa. A legacy that is at risk due to ridiculous regulations like the one we are now exposed to. If our players need to go somewhere, that’s where realists feel the club deeply and find it difficult to enjoy their presence due to geographic distance.

4- How Real’s Official ClubWe have always been at the disposal of the club and have fulfilled our obligations on time. For this reason, On the occasion of our 25th anniversary celebration, we hoped we could count on Real’s help. But it didn’t.

5- Despite our discomfort, disappointment and anger, From Peña Real Sociedad de Tudela, we will continue to work to ensure that our club’s name continues to be mentioned in our city, in Ribera de Navarra, and wherever we go. Because if we’re clear on one thing, that’s it. La Real are those who proudly wear our club’s blue and white colors like us.

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