10 reasons why traveling to Morocco is the best idea

10 reasons why traveling to Morocco is the best idea

Positioning itself as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in recent years, Morocco has a very special appeal thanks to its extraordinary combination of culture, gastronomy and beautiful natural landscapes. There are many people who want to know about this destination and there are many reasons for that.

this travel to morocco Majestic, relaxing, a cultural bath that allows us to broaden our minds and see beyond our own traditions by appreciating the beauty of the different. It is a perfect option to enjoy completely different days and return completely renewed. In addition, the most likely thing is that you want to go back more than once because it is a destination to fall in love with.

Why should you travel to Morocco?

Traveling to Morocco is an opportunity to have a completely different and unforgettable experience, always with a positive outlook. It is without a doubt one of the most exciting destinations in existence, because among other things, Discover a wonderful culture and the most beautiful landscapes on the Mediterranean coast.

Looking for a reason to travel to Morocco? There are many reasons, but below we will share with you some of the most prominent:

one. Culture

As we mentioned earlier, Moroccan culture is one of its biggest attractions, especially as it is so different from Western culture and different is always captivating. Also, such travels allow us to open our minds to other ways of thinking and to understand their traditions a little better. That doesn’t mean we share them, but always Traveling to culturally different countries is a good added value.

two. proximity

Although it seems far Morocco, close to Spain. You can be in this amazing destination in a few hours, making it an ideal trip even for a few days. This proximity not only makes it more comfortable and convenient, but also positively affects the prices. And traveling to Morocco is much cheaper than other destinations.

3. Gastronomy

Another attraction of Morocco is undoubtedly its gastronomy. Its dishes are noted for combining a wide variety of ingredients and styles., so they have options that perfectly suit every taste of the visitors. This diversity is the product of interaction with outside cultures; However, if there is one thing that characterizes the gastronomy of this country, it is the use of spices, hence the colors and extraordinary fragrance in every preparation.

Four. know the medinas

The sights of Morocco will leave you breathless, and the medinas are one of the must-visit places on your next visit to this country. Some of the best known medinas are Essaouira, Tetouan, and Fez.It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Each of these medinas is more beautiful than the last and is full of history and culture. That’s why we recommend that you take at least a day to fully explore them.

5. Excursions through Atlas

Excursions in Atlas will allow you to explore places as incredible as the Dades valleys or the Draa valleys. At the same time, it will allow you to climb magnificent mountains and be intertwined with nature. You can visit High Atlas and Middle Atlas. Most recommended course coordinate an excursion with a guide because it will allow you to enjoy this magnificent and unforgettable experience even more.

6. spend a night in the desert

Sleeping in the dunes, in a star-filled sky, is undoubtedly one of the unforgettable experiences that we should all have at least once in a lifetime, and in Morocco we can make it happen. In this case, of course It is necessary to coordinate the trip to guarantee all the essentials for our comfort and safety.. Even if you want to spend more than one night, it is possible to do so, the important thing is to manage all the details well in advance.

7. Get to know Essaouira

While Marrakech is an absolutely charming city with a hectic lifestyle, we recommend visiting Essaouira if you’re looking for a little more tranquility. Morocco is located on the Atlantic coastA peaceful and romantic city that invites you to get lost in its ancient streets. Residents are also notable for being extremely friendly towards tourists.

8. go shopping

Shopping is probably a secondary aspect of your trip, but When you visit the shops in Morocco, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying a clothing, item or souvenir.. For example, fabrics always stand out with their elegance and exceptional quality, with special products for the home such as tea sets. You will not be able to stop yourself from admiring the beauty of the products sold without visiting any bazaar.

9. The Route of the Kasbahs

Another trek that will leave you speechless is the trek known as the route of the Kasbahs. What does it contain? In a few castles built of adobe, which is the best reflection of the magnificent Berber culture. The best? Besides knowing these incredible fortresses, You will be able to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco.. The best known of this route is Ait Ben Hadou, it is not for nothing that it has been declared a World Heritage Site.

10. Get to know Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a beautiful town, also known as the blue town, and that’s because their houses are painted in this beautiful color.. It’s a very small town, but it has a unique charm. which you will undoubtedly fall in love with from the very first moment.

Reasons to visit Morocco? Many, but these 10 are some of the most notable. As a result, It is a completely different destination with its beautiful landscapes, extraordinary culture and the most outstanding gastronomy. And unlike other destinations, you’ll be able to have experiences as memorable as spending one or more nights in the desert with a star-filled sky that surpasses any hotel.

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