Best pets for seniors

Best pets for seniors

Everyone knows that the human lifespan is getting longer. This gift of modern society goes hand in hand with the increased loneliness in these people. old humans. Inadvertently, society keeps us living at a hectic pace, and it seems that there is no time to spare for people who cannot keep up with this pace. Many families decide to look for a home at this point. pet for your widowed mother or father to accompany you.

Is it okay to give a pet to an elderly person?

As they get older, the elderly feel outside of the daily life that surrounds them and, whenever possible, withdraw to their homes or centers where they will spend the rest of their days. from the first things therapists in these situations, having routines, obligations, and a daily goal is to feel useful and thus avoid the inevitable feeling of depression and loneliness.

Many families rely on grandparents to care for their children. grandchildren and giving these people a second youth, allowing them to participate in the family business.

However, this option is not always possible due to distance or physical or health conditions of these people. Even in these cases, the solution is closer than it seems: pet.

Having an animal in your care responsibilityin the form of some obligations and, above all, a constant reward company and love Its therapeutic effects are greater than that of the strongest drugs.

There are thousands of studies that show that stroking hair is stroking hair. animalLetting him sleep between your feet or feeling his breath on your lap triggers a surge of endorphins in you. happinessIt stops the internal negative reactions associated with depression.

A pet, cat, dog or bird includes some things. Calendar concern about their nutrition, hygiene, health and socialization needs, and dogsGo for a walk twice a day.

There is no such thing as the perfect pet, this is obvious, but we can follow a series of recommendations when choosing the one that best suits him. old humans.

Owning a pet requires responsibility

This is the most important point. whenever we think give a pet For an elderly person, we should be aware that this animal will most likely outlive its owner and will need a family to end its days in old age.

It is very painful for the owner to see that he is. loyal She is helpless when her partner is gone, and often this suffering accompanies her until her last breath.

If we want to give our loved one this opportunity of happiness, responsible until the end and think about what will happen to that pet tomorrow.

What animal is best for an old person?

The first thing we need to know is, needs of each pet A cage animal, for example birdThey can’t stand alone too much and cleaning They make Friends quite often but do not interact in the same way.

this cats It is easier as they don’t need to go for walks and are not too dependent if left alone for a few days.

this dogs requires more attention. This point, which may seem objectionable a priori, is merely greater benefit For grandparents who are still physically well and need someone to take care of and can dedicate all the time they have on a daily basis. no doubt pet the one who interacts the most and can bring them the most benefit.

Giving a dog: the better puppy or adult?

When we think of pets, that animal comes to mind. puppy Big-eyed and playful, who came jumping to greet us. As idyllic as this image may be, it’s usually not a very good idea for an elderly person who has been peeing, pooping, chewing furniture, torn curtains and overflowing energy for 9 months.

In these cases, it is better to look for an already trained animal, about 9-10 months old, which adapts perfectly to its new life, but stably and firmly. maturity slightly older.

What cat breed is best for an older person?

In the case of cats, it is more important to choose gender before race. Men tend to be simpler and calmer. An ordinary European cat is completely valid as long as we confirm its character and adaptability to nature. domestic life.

It is not recommended if he has access to the outside, because if he goes on a trip, the suffering it will cause for the owner will do more harm than good. In this case it would be a better idea dog as pet.

In general, breeds with cats dense hair They are generally calmer, such as the Maine Coon, the English shorthair or the Persian, among others.

of these short Hair They are less social and more independent, like Siamese.

What is the best dog breed for an older person?

Inside dogsUnlike cats, it is better to choose a female, as they are more familiar and homely and have less. muscle strength. inside racesIt is important to choose your size and temperament.

this terrier breeds They tend to be more irritable and more active, so they require more exercise and physical activity.

dogs small breed Maltese, like Shith Zhular or Poodles, are generally the most familiar and least troublesome.

when it comes step dogsIf they don’t have an owner, it’s hard for them to let us own them as they are dogs with an uncertain future. On the other hand, they can often suffer some kind of trauma and require more attention than a dog who has not experienced any extreme situations in their life, so they will not be the most suitable option in this situation.

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