Camavinga at TARGET: “I don’t want to be a luxury substitute for my life”

The Madrid midfielder, who is expected to start the Tunisia game as a left-back, evaluates his situation as a luxury substitute.

Eduardo Camavinga was excited when he saw his name on the list, knowing that he would qualify for the World Cup on Wednesday, November 9th. “I was in front of the TV at exactly 7:58 am,” he admits, happy to be there, and admits with a smile that the wait until 20:30 was long. “There was a lot of information …”. The Real Madrid midfielder talked about his GOAL call-up, his status as the best substitute at the world’s biggest club, and his versatility in the midfield. He also explains how a Champions League win could help him in the World Cup as Denmark is expected to start at left-back.

Now with the French team for the World Cup. Is it a surprise that you are a regular at the Real Madrid bench?

“No, I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but I had my doubts. I really didn’t know if they were going to pick me. That made me come back here. I felt so happy when my name appeared on the list”.

Is this backup situation in the club a burden?

“Of course I want to play every game. There is a fact at Real Madrid: I have good players ahead of me. I can’t say I like it because it’s not nice to be on the bench either. You have to be patient.” “.

There’s a lot of talk about being more efficient when you get off the bench…

“I don’t really have an explanation. I don’t have time to think about what to do when I arrive, I do my best to help the team. It’s true that I helped a lot last year. As a backup, I know that.”

“City match… I still get goosebumps when I watch it”

In this role, in Champions League matches against Manchester City or Chelsea, we have seen a very energetic Eduardo Camavinga, who makes good decisions, but also aggressive in duels and defensive withdrawals. Did we see your best that night?

“We were at a disadvantage when I came in and I managed to be determined. It must be one of my best games. But then you don’t watch all my games…”.

Yes, but Manchester City and Chelsea… this is the highest level.

“It’s true, but people will base themselves on these games and they won’t watch games I’ve played before. But of course the game against City is one of my best games since I’ve been at Real.” Madrid. I rewatched some of the games… I still get goosebumps when I see them.”

Are you aware of what is happening on the field at that moment?

“Our first comeback was in the game against PSG. So when we scored that goal (Rodrygo’s goal against City in the second game), we knew we would come back. We gained strength, we gained strength. people That was the trigger for this ‘comeback’.

And against Chelsea?

“It was the same with City. We were losing and we felt our strength after scoring the goal and then we followed it. For me, I had an extra boost of motivation because we were out at that moment. And the fact that we came in, gave our all and scored fast gave us more energy,” he said. .

Whether against PSG, Chelsea or Manchester City, you showed up with Real Madrid behind and you were effectively eliminated. Is that why you relaxed more?

“No, not necessarily. I usually don’t hold back. If I had come and we had won, it would have been a different style of play. We would try to keep the ball in our hands to protect the result and defend well. When you lose, the most important thing is to keep going. I don’t count, I say to myself, “Oh, we’re losing, I will not leave the horses. Even if we come and win, I have to let go of the horses to help the Team win.”

“My favorite position? In front of the defense in 6th position”

Can you describe the best version of yourself?

“To save a lot of balls is to play as a forward, to dribble, to take risks and to win duels.”

Are there good examples of this in Madrid?

“I can play several positions, so I am inspired by many players. Casemiro has won many defensive duels. Modric also has the ability to win defensive and offensive duels. He is in the game with incredible passing quality.”

Does this description of this luxury substitute sound good to you?

“When you become a football player, you want to play every game. I don’t mean to say it’s annoying, but you have to be patient. I don’t want to be in this status all my life. You have to understand that. I have a lot of people in front of me, I have to learn from them and then my time will come.”

How can you get out of this situation? A more precise fixation of a position?

“Basically, it’s the performances on the field that got me started. Being versatile is definitely an advantage. When you’re versatile, you’re more likely to play because you can play more positions. Then there’s a position I prefer…


“Ahead of the defense in 6th position. Then you can’t have everything and you have to adapt.”

But you also have game-developing qualities that can lead you to play higher…

“Yes, that’s right. I have the qualities that allow me to play in another position, so I can say that it’s still an advantage.”

What else do you need to place yourself in this sentry position?

“I think I need to be more consistent on defense and spread less.”

“I’ll play wherever the coach puts me”

Didier Deschamps talked about your versatility, is that what gives you hope to play minutes during this World Cup?

“Like I said, being versatile is an advantage because you have more opportunities to be on the field. If there is an empty spot, you can play there, that’s an advantage. You have to have more rope to be on target.” to have as much playtime as possible.

Did you talk to the coach to tell him your preference? Or do you accept what comes?

“No, I haven’t had any conversations with him yet and I’ll accept anything that comes in. You have to open yourself up to the group, there are managers there, and it’s important that you stay put. Then I’ll play wherever Coach puts me.”

Do you think playing for a tough club like Real Madrid can help you in high-tension matches like the World Cup?

“Our history in the Champions League is made up of last-minute wins and tough matches. I think this can help me because I know that if we lose at a certain moment, we shouldn’t give up. And even if you lose 90+2, you can always return to the mountains… That was the lesson we learned from our European tour last year. “

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