“Encourages women to be obedient”

"Encourages women to be obedient"

town of Valencia Albalat dels Tarongers He decided to cut ties with her. improvement from town to incite hatred and violence From the pulpit with the City Council and some sermons that some residents consider sexist and homophobic.

This was reported to EFE on Tuesday by the mayor, Maite PerezHe apologized to the parishioners who brought the issue to the attention of the City Council, for not giving the issue the importance it had at that time and for not taking any precautions from the beginning.

The priest attacks homosexuals in his sermons and says the following about them, as several neighbors and congregations told EFE after the Levante-EMV newspaper published this Tuesday: they are “captured” or “they should all die”and also humiliated women while justifying sexist violence.

Encourages women to be submissive Before our husbands, who have to educate us, and to educate us if they have to slap us,” says a neighbor of the town, who wants the priest of this village to be replaced.

The mayor of PSPV-PSOE, “in addition to making decisions break with the priest“The City Council convened an extraordinary plenary session to denounce and demonstrate its rejection of its demonstrations, a proposal that was accepted among all municipal groups, he said.

Pérez said, “Everything, everything that may violate rights and freedoms, that does not comply with the rule of law, comes out of his mouth.” filigree prats He assured me that as a congregation member, he had to leave the church because of the “violence” he thought he had said from the pulpit.

“He’s infected everyone. He seems to be the only survivor,” Prats said, eventually saying that he couldn’t stand “so much serious persecution” because, despite speaking to him, the parish priest “continued with.” her”.

A neighbor announced that he stopped going to church when he attacked homosexuals and stated that he was there. first communion children what youthey are afraid after the sermonalso that the priest messed with the women and humiliated them.

Another neighbor describes how the priest encouraged women to submit to their husbands and justified slapping them “to educate”, inciting both gender violence and “in every sense”. gays “they all had to die”.

Priest denies accusations and says misrepresented

They assured the Archdiocese of Valencia that they contacted the parish priest this Tuesday. rejects the words put in his mouth and while he categorically condemns violence against women, he says it is misrepresented and in no event intends to offend anyone.

The priest regrets “enormously” the harm this news has done to the Church and “those who may have been offended by the misinterpretation of his words” and forgives the slander directed at him.

Sources of the archdiocese add that some parishioners contacted the archdiocese to ensure that the version published by the Levante-EMV newspaper did not coincide with the words of the parish priest, and reconfirmed that these were misrepresented.

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