Fair and legal diversity

Fair and legal diversity

Fair and legal diversity

The latest regulatory developments have cast a lot of doubt on companies’ new obligations in terms of Equity, resulting in a new panorama with many legal limits. In fact, for many of them, firms from the legal sector, Mint as Magn, Helping them understand legislative changes for better management of Human Resources. The new regulation on sexual freedom and equality enforces compliance and impacts the Diversity and Inclusion Plan that every company creates not only to comply with the law, but also to retain talent and ensure they are proud to work with them.

At ADP, we believe that the best ideas thrive in inclusive environments and value the diversity of perspectives. This should be the cornerstone of any company’s corporate culture. To know how to adapt to a dynamic work world like the current one, it is necessary to understand what each company and its employees work for and what they need to grow and be successful. Every company needs to have initiatives on the table that respect and meet the individual and collective needs of its employees, whatever their profile.

This is not a “temporary fashion”

The stances of companies and employees on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion are becoming increasingly binding. More and more employees are considering ethical or cultural considerations when deciding to join or stay with a company. For example, according “People at Work 2022: the vision of the global people team”, 69% of workers in Spain say they would be willing to leave their jobs if the company does not meet the requirement to form a diverse team and offer equal treatment. The numbers speak for themselves. It is clear that the principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) have become a highly relevant human factor.

Legal aspects[k2]

The protection of sexual freedom and moral integrity has increased in recent years and gained more importance with new norms and rights. The new Organic Law No. 10/2022 of 6 September on the comprehensive safeguarding of sexual freedom, known as the “One yes is yes” Act, includes a wide range of safeguards and obligations for companies in the workplace and requires companies to: Adequate implementation and monitoring of Diversity Policies and Protocols to Prevent sexual and gender-based harassment; Diversity policies, including measures on sexual freedom; o Compulsory education for comprehensive protection against sexual violence as well as awareness and information campaigns. And of course, inform the Human Resources or Labor Relations department about the legal obligations arising from this new Organizational Code.

Words alone have no value. you must act

But it shouldn’t be a piece of paper or just text in a Plan. Management teams must take action and ensure that all great talent, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or other human characteristics, have the opportunity to contribute to their own and their companies’ success.

Team work

You must learn and collaborate with others. It’s important to have company resources and groups that help employees stay connected and part of a network of people who share common experiences and interests. In this way, the value of diversity and cultural awareness can be promoted; accelerating the commitment, maintenance and development of employees’ professional careers; o Identify volunteer opportunities and business expansion.

As our Director of Diversity and Talent, Bob Lockett, said, “HeThe best organizations embody an inclusive culture that goes beyond the Diversity and Inclusion function. It drives performance and innovation by showing managers, employees and the world that people belong and are an integral part of the purpose of the organization.”[k3]

[k1]We’ll have to decide who’s going to sign. Marcela recently addressed the same issue, so I won’t “use” her again.

[k2]I used this resource:

[k3]I used this resource:

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