Go with Miss Rottenmeier from La Salle College

Go with Miss Rottenmeier from La Salle College

The past is a bull, because Monday is long gone. I read the same day Thomas Guash: “Palma kids should come to school this Monday with a replica of Manolo’s bass drum, 30 beats and a transparent flag. They must be very funny people. Spain drew and almost qualified for them (…) In short, they did what they thought was normal: display your country’s flag in your country just because the World Cup is being played.

In the popular series heidi, Mrs. Rottenmeier Anchored in the 19th century, she is a rigid, cold and bitter character playing the role of governess, the woman whose job is to educate. She said as a guide.

Some 15-year-olds decide to hang the Spanish flag in the classroom on a Monday at the World Cup in Qatar, in the enthusiasm of the strength embodied by the young players of our national team. not respected.

We are talking about adolescents who are unaware of so many meatballs while structuring the grid of existence. For some reason they are little people entering puberty and therefore, There is no harm in her appreciating some of the traits represented by the Spanish team. The team that entered the World Cup with an outstanding score: 7-0. Where there is evil, there is the attitude of Miss Rottenmeier.

If we accept their testimony after the great and monumental turmoil, they apparently did so with the help and consent of the teacher and faculty. I’m guessing, be clear. However, it turned out that the administration did not confirm this assumption and was in favor of Ms. Rottenmeier. Who’s that? The Catalan teacher (as he himself said) refuses to teach the class unless they see that “rag” as soon as they see it. As a result of this, the news circulating in Spain is increasing.

We’ll see. As it is known, the event is not in a people’s center where the Més dictatorship plays in its own field. a harmonious school belonging to a religious order. It’s no small detail, because part of its budget, and thus the teacher’s salary, which is abducted by the Balearic Cultural Study and its terminals, comes from the public coffers, that is, from the taxes paid by all Spaniards. This Rottenmeier therefore lives on Spanish money; He is also -unfortunately- Spanish.

These independent they are in themselves a fraud, because if oppressive state they must make a living by giving up equally oppressive money. Of course for him. The same can be said for public affairs, whether of a political nature (parliamentary, councilor, minister) or administrative, just as with teachers, there is no room for any distinction between public and subsidized education.

This unfortunate event was unlikely to occur at a private school, as the fatal Rottenmeier would have been fired on the spot. Always, of course, with the permission of both the teacher and the faculty. The event is summed up by Rottenmeier’s severe indigestion to see the flag representing us. and is respected by ordinary citizens in neighboring countries.

Can anyone believe that young people who start their jobs are playing with bad intentions? Likely: It was a spontaneous, heartfelt act of belonging to a team with a delegated identity and showing joy over the great victory.

It seems to me symptomatic that Més applauded La Salle school for expelling some thirty students for hanging the Spanish flag. The grieving local press is also sacrificing the incompetent Rottenmeier. and invoke the mantra of the far-right to curse those who show their anger by taking refuge in individual, residual insults. And also the head of government, socialist Francina Armengol (PSOE) apparently sympathizes with Ms. Rottenmeier. The fact is that Armengol himself, puppies rottenmeier

Mrs. Rottenmeier had set up the mess, and then, with great incompetence, took over the management of the centre. The group of PLIS professors (fachas, of course) concluded in a logical statement: La Salle’s administration led to a conflict of authority that should have been avoided. Not only that. He decided to run ahead, now accusing students of “disrupting coexistence” and warning parents that as a result educational measures will be taken to promote coexistence at school and provide students with tools and social skills. This is like a lot of Cultural Revolution-style reeducation in Mao’s China.

We have a serious problem with public and subsidized education. This is called intolerance. We gave too much string to the inquisition, which embodied the political correctness imposed by the left. To make up for all this mess, voting 28-M might be the antidote we need. For this reason, the center right has to mobilize the voters altogether.

because we know that extreme left -the dry left has long left the world of politics- on the thirteenth he will continue to call dissidents fachasIn the case at hand, which is a word for “departure from common doctrine”, widespread It comes not with the acceptance of a professional totalitarian advance, but with its pure and simple imposition.

well common doctrine The far left despises some of the symbols of unity that characterize us, and it seems that even the Prosecutor’s Office seems to favor investigating children’s behavior, not Rottenmeier’s intolerance. To the children! The friendly, that is, the paid press was quick to support Ms. Rottenmeier. How far has local journalism fallen?relinquishing its original nature as the guarantor of their freedom to prostrate blindly before the price that numbs their ethics.

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