Hearing Diary: new version of a document with historical value

Juicio a las Juntas

For years – decades – we have lived trapped in a vicious circle, and we cannot escape from it: we have grown more and more weary of the deep sociopolitical divisions that actually define us, and we have also become more and more entangled in these divisions. Increasing polarization is not a local phenomenon, as good Argentines we believe that “ours” is different. It even has its own name: crack. Perhaps it has to do with a particular “Argentina exception” that we refer to when we remember certain milestones that we are proud of and that we feel have differentiated us from other countries and societies. The easiest is to think of sports, From Maradona to Messihowever, if we put in some cognitive effort, other circumstances and characters begin to come to our minds that feed our longing and ambition to believe that we are ready for more.

One of these moments arises from one of the darkest events in our history and is so embedded in our collective memory that it suddenly shines in all its glory thanks to a movie that makes us remember a moment of victory: Trial of Military Juntas. Without going into the nuances of what the historical context is, nor whether there are virtues in film criticism. “Argentina, 1985”, Trial to Boards There was a before and after in our nation’s short life that deserves renewed popular attention in understanding what really happened in those turbulent moments and how these events left their mark on our democratic life today.

Unlike today, our democracy in those days was really fragile. Armed forces they kept their firepower, and the atrocities committed during the civil-military dictatorship were not known to large sections of society. Whether out of public fear or disbelief, their political capital allowed them to imagine a future with impunity and even the remote possibility of a return to power. With the support of President Raúl Alfonsín, judges, prosecutors, witnesses and others dared to oppose the power of the Armed Forces. and they succeeded in using democratic institutions to initiate a Justice process that succeeded in ending half a century of military coups and abuses of power. In these days when trust in the same institutions is low and rulelessness is increasing, remembering the historical value of this success can help us regain some self-respect and risk it for a better future.

Editorial Perfil was one of the few media outlets that took the risk of publishing “El Diario del Juicio” with issue 36 detailing the judicial process. Concise recordings of what happened were featured in most of the media, and silent footage was broadcast on television. “Judgment Diary” provided journalistic materials as well as short transcripts of statements and hearings. Over time, the historical value of this arrogance took on greater significance.

Driven and inspired Luis Moreno Ocampo, we decided to digitize the entire “El Diario del Juicio”, complemented by a series of exclusive interviews by the journalist For Nieves Zuberbuhler a few of the heroes will make all the material public in a digital format available at www.eldiariodeljuicio. com. We also prepared a mini-documentary for young generations with the multimedia team.

In those pre-digital times, it was right in the US photo lab. Publisher Profile dwhere the photos of the photo pools that fill the courthouse emerge. This allowed us to put together a series of galleries of never-before-seen photos that we also uploaded to the website.

We strive to contribute to our grain of sand to revive the memory of the Judgment of Councils through a public virtual library that we hope will be of great benefit to both subject matter experts and to boys and girls who want to research. The extensive material we’ve gathered has been a daunting task for Perfil’s digital team and will be worth it if it helps us take another step towards creating common spaces for non-ideologized thought and moving towards a society with a higher degree of empathy. We hope you like it.

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