Home automation dominates Mallorca homes

Home automation dominates Mallorca homes

Siri and Alexa have served to democratize access to the internet. Artificial intelligence In our homes, both virtual assistants are used by the majority as only speakers that make it easier for us to listen to music without touching any keyboard and answer questions that may arise at any moment. But there are those who are starting to earn extra income from Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, and they realize that they allow us to make a significant leap in quality to make our homes more efficient, greener, cheaper and of course higher quality. more comfortable

In any case, there is more than one way to take advantage. big steps occurring recently in the world of home automation. And there are more Mallorcan-branded companies that want to help us make what seemed like science fiction until recently a reality.


Inside Majorca, start Voltic invites us to “take control” of our home without the need for any plumbing or wiring. The founding partner of the company, Borja Roca, puts 40 percent of the electricity savings that can be achieved thanks to the artificial intelligence applied to the house, on the monthly bill. For example, if the light in our house is still on minutes after leaving the door, this is provided by the alerts we receive on our mobile phone. “A smart home – explains Borja – is one that speaks to us directly via WhatsApp”. With the most universal application, our house will notify us if we have left any windows open or invite us to change the temperature of the air conditioner if 100×100 is not efficient.


At Voltic, they pride themselves on being able to replace our home without having to replace a light bulb or a device. “We get behind the electrical box to work and spin the house.” And -according to Roca- while the application of technology to industry has become an “empirical necessity”, it continues to be perceived as a luxury good in the private sphere and is therefore delayed over time.

Companies of all types are well aware that smart installations can help them save enormous production costs or drastically reduce their electricity bills. That’s why they’re going to Voltic, at which point they’re even considering getting around them. start to prioritize the best responsive line of business. “Once technology becomes mainstream in the industry, maybe it’s time to go home,” the co-founder of this fledgling island company concludes.

The mobile phone makes a decisive contribution to transforming our homes into smart environments that provide quality of life, energy savings and sustainability.


powered by the incubator Parc Bit companies #Entrepreneurship, start Bookinter is offered as a basic aid for tourist hosts when it comes to getting the maximum performance for each rental. Head of Operations Raquel Arrue explains that our goal is to achieve quality tourism by making the most of every home.


And this is thanks to technology Based on Artificial Intelligence, Bookinter analyzes the historical record of reservations and the search volume in the region to calculate the highest price and the longest duration of the reservation. “It calculates the price of accommodation and automatically changes it in real time,” says Raquel, who is determined to make a tourism-based economic model viable without having to achieve massification to achieve major benefits: in short, to contribute to a sustainable economy with its practices. Revenue Management Premium vacation rentals that increase benefits per night and reduce the need for high occupancy.

Bookinter also offers tourist homeowners a management service that includes the implementation of energy efficiency plans that make it possible to make homes sustainable. In addition, innovation in the business model embodies mechanisms that support the circular economy and encourage consumption of local services and products among guests.

Borja Roca works at Voltic, a specialized company

In AI and the Internet of Things.


As in Bookinter, there are many companies based in the Islands, developing projects based on artificial intelligence, mostly for the tourism sector. APSL –Advanced Programmed Solutions SL– company also does this from Parc Bit. His manager, Toni Aloy, actually applauds the current boiling point both in the Tech Park and in Mallorca as a whole. And he believes that the current route ahead is “incomprehensible”. “The more you enter this world—he admits—the more possibilities for applications arise to improve our lives.”

Raquel Arrue develops solutions from Bookinter

smart homes for holiday tourism

Aloy applauds the proliferation of artificial intelligence thanks to Siri and Alexa, but also remembers that it’s the “first step” to transforming our homes into smart spaces that anticipate our needs, know our tastes, and help us. to be more ecological and more economical. “He acknowledges that interacting via voice assistants is an important step forward, but we need more sensors in the home to learn about our habits, uses and customs”.

Toni Aloy talks about washing machines automatically activated refrigerators that let us know that electricity is cheaper or that milk is running out, and that also warns us that yogurt or meat is going to end soon. The “endless” possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence that go beyond the use we give these assistants today are accessible to everyone.

Toni Aloy is responsible for Advanced Programming Solutions SL.

The company is located in Parc Bit.

Of course, Aloy disagrees with Borja Roca about the savings possibilities AI provides in our home today. For the person in charge of APSL, the investment is high and the return we get is “not that big”. That’s why Toni Aloy understands that most people are happy with the voice assistant, while industries and offices are already joining a trend that ensures the investment pays off in a reasonable time.

In any case, besides voice assistants, we already have Artificial Intelligence in the kitchen, although we often don’t realize it: from the latest versions of Thermomix to platforms like Netflix, from the cleaning robot to apps like Spotify, AI. it already permeates every moment and every corner of our lives. And it is our responsibility to use it wisely to avoid the perverse effects of Artificial Intelligence – which, as has already been confirmed – exists.

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